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Zahra (Mahboubeh) Mansouri, 60-Year Old Breast Cancer Survivor, Detained and Sent to Evin Prison Despite Epilepsy, Other Physical Disabilities

Iran – Evin Prison, 27 October 2012. Zahra (Mahboubeh) Mansouri was detained and sent to the “Womens’ Ward” to complete her 2 year jail sentence. Zahra was arrested first on June 1st, 2011 and detained in Ward 209 for 2 months, and then released on bail. Zahra was then prosecuted on the usual charges of … Continue reading

A Letter from Shahrokh Zamani, Worker Activist, from Prison — with Introductory Note to Trade Unions and Human Rights Organizations

(Farsi version) (Arabic version) Date: 26 October 2012 To all trade unions and human rights organisations Mr. Shahrokh Zamani, a member of the Follow-Up Committee to Set Up Free Labour Organisations in Iran and the Painters’ Union of Tehran, is a popular and well-known labor activist who, through a letter written from prison in Tabriz, … Continue reading

به سازمانهای کارگری و نهادهای انساندوست در سراسر جهان

شاهرخ زمانی عضو کمیته پیگیری برای ایجاد تشکلهای کارگری و سندیکای کارگران نقاش تهران از فعالین کارگری محبوب و شناخته شده در شهر تبریز طی نامه ای از زندان رجایی شهر از ما خواسته است که صدای اعتراض او را به جهانیان برسانیم. شاهرخ زمانی در 4 ژوئن 2011 دستگیر و 11 سال حکم زندان … Continue reading

Iran: Metal Workers of Factory #2 Held Their First General Assembly Today

Iran – Tehran 27 October 2012. Through protest actions held in central Tehran, 600 metal workers employed by the government working at Factories Number 1 and 2 forced their employer, the government, to yield to their justified demands and pay in full all 5 months of their delayed backwages. This is a fantastic new victory … Continue reading

Economy is for Humans, Not for Donkeys! The Iranian Working Class at War

Khomeini once said – in preparation for the total and final eradication of what was left of the labour movement that put an end to Pahlavi’s dictatorship, and the social and economical demands prior to the dominance of the Islamic counter revolution – “Economy is for donkeys.” And ever since that time, Iranian workers in … Continue reading

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