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Bandar Imam Petrochemical Workers on Strike

Iran – Bandar Imam, 31 October, 2012. Petrochemical workers went on strike today. This strike is in protest against undelivered promises, including the eradication of middle men and parasitic contractors. The striking workers have promised the government that if the promises are not fulfilled by the end of the coming holidays, this strike — which … Continue reading

Seasonal Workers of Shushtar’s Karoon Industrial Agriculture on Strike

According to the news aired by official Islamic media, seasonal sugar cane cutters went on strike and gathered in front of the factory’s gate in protest against the mismanagement of their retirement insurance as well as their low wages. The striking workers’ representative has told the Islamic regime’s Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) that the … Continue reading

Workers in the Factories of the Kaveh Industrial City Suffer Under the Cruel Rule of Scaled-Back Production, Closures, Layoffs and Unpaid Wages

Workers in the Factories of the Kaveh Industrial City Suffer Under the Cruel Rule of Scaled-Back Production, Closures, Layoffs and Unpaid Wages   The following report was published by the Iranian Independent Worker’s Union (IIWU) on 27 Oct. 2012 : Since the beginning of the current Iranian year, and in the aftermath of the recent months’ dramatic … Continue reading

رسالة من شاروخ زماني، ناشط عمالي، من السجن

26 تشرين الاول 2012 الى جميع النقابات العمالية ومنظمات حقوق الانسان السيد شاروخ زماني هو عضو هيئة المتابعة لــ “شكلوا منظمات عمالية حرة في ايران” ونقابة الصباغين في طهران، الناشط المعروف والمحبوب طلب منا من خلال رسالة كتبت من احد سجون تبريز بمساعدته في ايصال صوته على صعيد العالم. اعتقل السيد زماني يوم 5 حزيران … Continue reading

Workers of the Ahwaz Sugar Factory Protest in Demand of 18 Months’ Worth of Unpaid Wages

Iran – Ahwaz, 28 October 2012. Workers of the Ahwaz Sugar Factory have gathered outside the governor’s office in protest. 60 workers and their families are participating in this protest action. Workers demand their 18 months’ worth of unpaid wages and benefits. The ownership of Ahwaz Sugar factory, which has a 250 ton capacity, was … Continue reading