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Extraordinary Savagery of “Emo” Teen Killings in Iraq Can Be Explained by Only One Factor: the Inevitability of a Popular Revolution

We received the news of heinous atrocities committed by gangs of Shiite thugs and cut-throats. Armed gangs of militia have abducted and violently murdered between 50 to 90 youth wearing western-style clothes and haircuts over the course of the past month. These killings have been carried out by stoning the young victims to death: first smashing the victims’ arms and legs with rocks and cement blocks, then aiming for their heads, crushing their skulls.

These barbarians are members of known, organized Shiite militias that are responsible for implementing the unofficial and semi-official policies of various factions of the Iraqi “democracy.” This recent wave of killings started immediately after an announcement issued by the Interior Ministry of the Iraqi regime of thugs and terrorists, labelling the youth who dress in “emo” style as followers of “Satan.” The “community” police were ordered to “stamp them out.” These atrocities continue until this moment, in particular where the al-Mahdi Army of Moqtada al-Sadr is active.

Of course, people around the world, upon hearing of such incomprehensible, primitive savagery, may be shocked by the news. However, for those familiar with the “politics” of Islamic regimes like Iran and Saudi Arabia, or in countries like Iraq which are ruled by a spectrum of various political Islamists, the atrocities committed against our Iraqi brothers and sisters are but “a natural course of events.”

These are deemed “natural” because one should not expect democracy and social security and cultural progress from a regime based on and defined by violation of whatever is humane!

These atrocities are “natural” because this regime of criminals, representing the most reactionary elements of Islamic backwardness, has no means of maintaining its fragile base of social power other than enforcing their rule with bombs and militias, kidnappings and assassinations, cutting throats and raping.

This is what has been going on all along in Iraq as we the people – women, students, workers, minorities, homosexuals and youth – know it.

This regime, its police and its security forces, its gangs of militias and terrorist groups, organized and led by its different factions, have always done this.

They have harassed and beaten University students;
they have persecuted, kidnapped and murdered religious minorities;
they have kidnapped and brutally killed rights activists;
they have beaten and beheaded and even burned homosexuals alive.

They have committed these atrocities and many more since they were resurrected from the dustbin of history.

But the extraordinary savagery of the recent killings by these Islamic savages can be explained only by one factor: the inevitability of a popular revolution and the subsequent overthrow of the regime in the near future! This is what waits on the doorstep of these Islamic gangsters.

Everyone knows that Bashar al-Assad’s days are numbered. Everyone knows that Iraq is one of the most suitable candidates to host the next revolution. And these thugs are attempting to pre-empt that coming revolution.

These extraordinarily barbaric killings aim at the whole society. The objectives of these savage brutalities are to create paralyzing fear, social metamorphosis, and political passivity. Their objective is to cultivate submission.

Standing against this barbarism, against this Islamic gang of primitive savages, is the duty of any honourable human being anywhere in the world, but first and foremost it is the responsibility of honourable people of Iraq. The people of Iraq cannot afford to allow these barbarians to rule their quarters and streets and homes. These militias must be immediately disarmed. These criminal elements and gangsters – the “community police” thugs, the barbarian cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and his criminal colleagues, the Interior Minister and other officials involved in organizing and inciting these killings –should be arrested and prosecuted in open peoples’ courts for their despicable crimes against humanity.

There is only one real guaranteed resolution to the current situation, a situation in which the most reactionary forces of society are the ones ruling it: a revolution for freedom and dignity and progress.

Long live revolution!

By Ahmad Fatemi


TAKE ACTION: Stoning, Killing and Persecution of “Emo” Teens in Iraq Must Stop! (Letter-Writing Action)

SIGN THE PETITION at to stop these barbaric killings and bring the perpetrators to justice.



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