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CFPPI: URGENT APPEAL>> Saeed Malekpour, Zaniar Moradi, Loghman Moradi, Sherko Moarefi, Yusuf Naderkhani Can Be Executed Any Time Now! – Take Action!

Saeed Malekpour, resident of Canada, a freelance web developer and programmer was arrested in October 2008 in the city of Tehran while visiting his terminally ill father in Iran. He is sentenced to death on charge of “Agitation against the regime”. Zaniar Moradi & Loghman Moradi, political activists; they were arrested in August 2009; both … Continue reading

اقدام اعتراضی فوری جهت مخالفت با اعدام قریب الوقوع زندانیان سیاسی در ایران وعربستان سعودی

اقدام اعتراضی عاجلانه جهت مخالفت با اعدام قریب الوقوع زندانیان سیاسی در ایران وعربستان سعودی میشن فری ایران در حال تدارک یک اقدام سریع اعتراضی در واشنگتن برای شنبه 25 فوریه است که خواهان توقف فوری اعدام 5 زندانی سیاسی در ایران – زنیار و لقمان مرادی، سعید ملک پور، شیرکو معارفی و یوسف نادرخانی … Continue reading

Open Letter to Tobias Billström, Sweden’s Minister of Migration and Asylum

Mr. Billström! Stop Deporting Marxists, Christians, Women’s Rights Activists, Journalists and Bloggers to the Prisons and Gallows of the Islamic Terrorists in Iran! Mr. Billström! If anyone has forgotten, you should certainly remember that last year we, the international human rights activists, stopped the Swedish Migration Office from committing a number of “mistakes” which could … Continue reading

Urgent Protest Action to Oppose Imminent Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran and Saudi Arabia

Mission Free Iran is organizing an urgent protest action in Washington DC on Saturday 25 February, to demand a halt to the imminent executions of 5 political prisoners in Iran – Zanyar and Loghman Moradi, Saeed Malekpour, Shirko Moarefi, and Yousef Nadarkhani. Included in the action is a protest outside the Saudi Embassy to demand … Continue reading

El líder obrero iraní y el Hijo Periodista en Peligro en Turquía.. ACNUR a acelerar el asunto, conceder el asilo y la protección

Bina Darabzand, un destacado miembro de la Comisión de coherencia para constituir organizaciones de trabajadores en Irán, y su hijo Oktai, periodista y blogger, recientemente huyó de Irán debido a las amenazas por el régimen islámico República en contra de sus vidas y la seguridad. Ellos han buscado el estatuto de refugiado en Turquía, sin … Continue reading

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