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Urgent Protest Action to Oppose Imminent Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran and Saudi Arabia

Mission Free Iran is organizing an urgent protest action in Washington DC on Saturday 25 February, to demand a halt to the imminent executions of 5 political prisoners in Iran – Zanyar and Loghman Moradi, Saeed Malekpour, Shirko Moarefi, and Yousef Nadarkhani.

Included in the action is a protest outside the Saudi Embassy to demand an immediate halt to the execution of 23-year-old blogger Hamza Kashgari from Saudi Arabia, who is to be executed for a comment made on Twitter that was deemed “blasphemous” by the Saudi authorities.

This action is in coordination with the Free Saeed Malekpour and Free Hamza campaigns, which are organizing similar actions in Canada and Europe.

It is urgent that people come out to the street to protest these imminent executions. We are asking all honorable people who stand for freedom, equality, human rights and civil liberties, to join the protest this weekend to demand a halt to these and all executions, and the immediate and unconditional release of these and all political prisoners in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Date: Saturday, 25 February
Time: 1pm
Place: 2209 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC (in front of Islamic Republic offices)
Followed by 2:30pm demonstration in front of Saudi Arabian Embassy (601 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington DC)

Speakers to include:
– Mother and Father of Zanyar Moradi, political prisoner facing execution in Iran
– Rahim Rashidi, journalist and human rights activist
– Hassan Massali, Action for Human Rights and Democracy in the Middle East
– Free Saeed Malekpour Campaign member, who will read a statement on behalf of the campaign

There will be an open microphone opportunity at both locations for people who would like to speak.

Demands of the action:

1) No to execution of Zanyar & Loghman Moradi, Shirko Moarefi, Saeed Malekpour, and Yousef Nadarkhani in Iran, and Hamza Kashgari in Saudi Arabia.

2) Not one more execution in Iran & Saudi Arabia.

3) Immediate & unconditional release of all political prisoners.

Maria Rohaly;; (240) 812-9234

Political background to these demands:

As the international community of inhumane diplomacy has been silent against years of atrocities committed by the closest allies of the west, backward barbaric regimes like the Saudi regime of savagery…

…while Western governments condemn the bloodbath in Assad’s bloody Syria yet cover up for the butcher of Bahrain, and at the same time provide the Egyptian junta with everything those murderers need to crack down on the Revolution of Bread and Freedom…

…while they threaten millions of Iranians with war and bombs and hunger, only to bring these Islamic thugs to the negotiating table to discuss terms and rules…

…while the other pole of inhumanity, the Russian and Chinese governments, has found yet another opportunity to alter their positions in the balance of the reactionary rulers of our world by their unconditional support of mass murderers and genocidaires…

We call you, the humane front. We call you out to join hands in our own international front of humanity, in international solidarity of the 99% against the dictatorships in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain.

Join us and demand a stop to all executions, to demand unconditional freedom of all political prisoners in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain and worldwide.

Join us and demand an end to dictatorships wherever they are, and demand a humane society.

Join us to declare once again that these murderers and hangmen do not represent our people. The Islamic regime in Iran, the savages of Jeddah and Manama, Assad’s gang of rapists and sharpshooters, the Egyptian junta – these are not legitimate in the eyes of women and men struggling for freedom and a humane society!

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