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Call Evin Prison in Iran to Stop the Execution of Political Prisoner Saeed Malekpour!

Computer programmer and political prisoner in Iran Saeed Malekpour may be imminently executed. We are asking everyone, worldwide, to call Evin prison and tell them to stop the execution of Saeed Malekpour.

You can enunciate your demand clearly in English; the prison staff will understand his name and why you are calling; some do speak English.

You can also say “Stop the execution of Saeed Malekpour” in Farsi like this: “Saeed Malekpour raa edaam nakonid!”
Or you can say “Saeed Malekpour azad baayad gardad,” which means Saeed Malekpour must be freed!
Thank you to @shary20 on Twitter and dear Nick for the translations to Finglish.

The numbers that are currently staffed at Evin Prison are the following:

The number +982122430017 may also work, but when we tested it, no one answered. Many thanks to Nasi Payghambarian for providing these numbers.

If you call from the US or Canada, don’t forget to dial 011 first.

When people call Iran from all over the world in different languages & demand a stop to the execution of political prisoner, it makes a difference. Even if we ultimately cannot stop the execution, it lets those who are supporting these executions know, firsthand, that the world is watching and we will stand up to defend the lives of Iranian political prisoners. That too has its effects, even if only psychological. No effort is wasted.

If you can’t call long distance on your phone, you can also use Skype and do a Skype-to-phone call. You need to buy some Skype credit, but is very inexpensive to call from skype-to-phone.

The prison staff were civilized when they were called. So don’t be afraid. Call Evin Prison in Iran & tell them not to execute Saeed Malekpour!


“Just found a great tactic:
Go to Youtube and find a protest video in which people are chanting.
Call Evin and tell them that people are coming to occupy the prison.
Then you let them hear the sound of the clip.
I think the guy just **** his pants even if just for a second. If we keep telling them they will **** their pants again.
Marg bar Jomhourie Eslami”

“Just made the call. They said that there is noone with that name there but don’t listen to they’re bullshit. A good idea is to play sounds from protests in they’re ear. He told me to stop calling even though I’ve only called once, can only mean one thing :) also there was someone on the line the first time I tried.
Marg bar Jomhourie Eslami”

“I said it in English first, then Farsi! I only called the first number – will call the rest as soon as I get home! The guy sounded confused at first – he was just really quiet after I said, “I’m calling to tell you to stop the execution of Saeed Malekpour.” So then I said it in Farsi. And he said… I don’t know – something short, like OK. And he was civil, just sounded a little surprised lol.”


8 thoughts on “Call Evin Prison in Iran to Stop the Execution of Political Prisoner Saeed Malekpour!

  1. چرا این سایت فراخوان برای تظاهرات و درخواست آزادی سعید ملک پور در سراسر دنیا را نمی دهد. این تظاهرات میتونه جلوی دفاتر سازمان ملل یا هر جای دیگری باشه. به نظرم این سایت میتونه فراخوان این سایت رو بده و اگر اینکار را نکنه به نظرم کوتاهی کرده. لطفا یک فراخوان برای تظاهرات و آزادی سعید ملک پور در سایت منتشر کنید

    Posted by Ramin | February 17, 2012, 2:54 pm
  2. please, s/o translate the comments to English. Thanks!

    Posted by Ha Manchner | February 17, 2012, 3:22 pm
    • He is calling for physical protest actions at all relevant locations – UN, regime embassies, etc. It is a good thing to organize. We have just held such a protest action in several cities in Europe and North America, but more are always needed. The Islamic Republic is always murdering someone.

      Posted by missionfreeiran | February 17, 2012, 4:14 pm
  3. برای ازادی سعید عزیزو بی گناه هر کاری که میتونید بکنید ما هم پی اش را میگیریم به نظر من اعتراض و فشار از خارج خیلی موثر است خیلی همونطور که حبیب لطیفی را هنوز جرات نکردند بکشنش همونطور که سکینه محمدی هنوز زنده است جای امیده پس میشه کاری کرد هنوز دیر نیست به امید ازادی سعید و بازگشتش پیش خانواده صبورش خدا لعنت کنه خامنه ای رو که در زمان حکومتش این همه ظلم به مردم داره میشه مرگ بر دیکتاتور

    Posted by minoo | February 18, 2012, 12:26 am
  4. Why this call for protests and demands for freedom Said property will not pour around the world. These protests could be the front offices of the UN or anywhere else. I love this site and if you can call it short I had to make do. Please call for protests and release Poor Said property will be published on the site

    Posted by ramin | February 18, 2012, 7:27 am
  5. We called as well. The guard seemed like he has received many calls already. He said “OK” as in enough already.
    Do call and use skype or Google if you want to protect your number.

    Posted by Morteza | February 18, 2012, 11:35 pm

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