Free Political Prisoners, Human Rights, Not One More Execution

Event Report: International protests condemn 33 years of crimes against humanity in Iran; Activists protest executions & demand release of political prisoners

On 12 February 2012, activists in North America and Europe marked the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Republic’s 1979 counterrevolution in Iran by condemning 3 decades of the regime’s crimes against humanity.

In the midst of a wave of ongoing repression in Iran, which includes incessant executions and the arbitrary imprisonment of students, journalists, labor activists, and religious and ethnic minorities among others, opposition activists protested against execution & demanded the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Iran.

The activists also declared opposition to war on Iran and closure of all embassies and international offices of this illegitimate and terrorist regime.

Participating cities included Brussels, Belgium; Vancouver, Canada; Ekenäs, Finland; Berlin, Germany; Oslo, Norway; Göteborg, Sweden; Jönköping, Sweden; Stockholm, Sweden; London, UK; Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Washington DC, USA. Photos and video clips from several of the demonstrations appear below:

Berlin, Germany: CODE e.V.

Oslo, Norway: Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran

Göteborg, Sweden: Free Them Now Campaign

Jönköping, Sweden: Mission Free Iran

Stockholm, Sweden: Iranska Flyktingars Riks Organisation

London, UK: Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran

Atlanta Georgia, USA

Washington DC, USA: Mission Free Iran

We thank everyone who came out to participate in this unified, international action against the brutal tyranny of the Islamic Republic, against execution in Iran, and in support of political prisoners and their families.


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