Free Political Prisoners, Human Rights, Not One More Execution, Protest Announcements

To Mark the 33rd Anniversary of the Islamic Catastrophe in Iran, in Support of All Political Prisoners and Their Families in Iran & in Opposition to All Forms of Execution

Mission Free Iran’s statement, prepared for the 12 February/22 Bahman protests in support of political prisoners in Iran & against executions
Event information: (ENGLISH) (FARSI) (GERMAN)

33 years since the Islamic Republic’s bloody nightmare, 33 years of Iran’s darkest contemporary history and 33 years since our great revolution for justice and equality was countered by Islamists, the most reactionary of the social and political forces.

33 years since our people’s daily bloody encounter with the regime of thugs and lumpens of Khomeini and Rafsanjani and Mousavi and Khamenei, 33 years since the beginning of our peoples’ struggle against the law of shari’a in the streets, in factories, in schools, universities and institutions, we are now witnessing this regime cracking from within.

The regime of abnormalities; the regime of gender apartheid; the regime of unpaid labour; the regime of stoning, cranes, amputation, mass execution; the regime of rape and torture has never been a legitimate one. A regime that commits genocide to stay in power can never be called legitimate! At least if it is the honourable people of the world who define “legitimate”!

For the past 33 years, since the Bahman revolution of 1979, the most outstanding characteristic of this regime has been execution, violence, blood and torture. Can any one believe that these murderers would stay in power for a moment if they weren’t dependent on execution, torture, rape and imprisonment for their very survival?

After 33 years, we are now living a new reality. Dictators of the region are being brought down by peoples’ revolts throughout the region. This is one way to comprehend the reason why the Islamic Republic of Iran executes more people per capita than any other regime in the world: more than 600 people in 2011, and in January of 2012 alone, more than 50 people were slaughtered by the regime. Some sources estimate that on average, a person was executed every 4 hours throughout the first month of the New Year.

These murderers hope they can pre-empt the revolution that is closing in, the revolution that has never – since day one of the 33-year-long nightmare known as the Islamic regime – been a matter of “IF” but a question of “WHEN.” We have the Torkman Sahra’s peoples’ democratic assemblies, to the Arabs of Khuzistan, the free Kurdistan and Sanandaj and its peoples’ assemblies; we have the prison massacres of the 1980s, the bloody suppression of the 1999 Student Movement and the 2009 mass post-election protests; to the tens of thousands of rapes, tortures, and killings in Kahrizak, Rajaei Shahr, Evin, and hundreds of secret detentions centers throughout Iran to support the assertion that this regime has stayed in power 33 years too long!

Thus, while international governments now and again flood media outlets with talk of the possibility of nuclear arms and war on Iran – these governments that have intentionally neglected 33 years of atrocities committed by this regime and on occasion have criminally covered up the crime of genocide committed against Iranian people, and if and when they have said a word about the barbaric violation of human rights and the violations of everything humane in Iran, they have done so only in the context of “diplomatic” give-and-take with the Islamic murderers – and while these governments punish our already impoverished people through severe economical sanctions, and threaten our people with war, we say to them, and to the whole world: there is an actual war going on in Iran and our people have been long since being under most severe “sanctions.”

It is another war fought by Iranian people against Islamic tyranny. A war waged by the Islamic regime against starving masses of workers and freedom-loving people, slaughtered, arrested by the thousands, imprisoned, executed, and threatened with more executions based on no actual charge or real accusation, or on falsified testimonies and confessions under torture. It is a war against humanity, justice, freedom, equality and prosperity waged on our people by barbarism and savage tyranny. It is a war waged against Zanyar and Loghman Moradi, Saeed Malekpour, Amir Hekmati, Maryam Bagherzadeh and Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and Houtan Kian, the lawyer, the hero; against Zeinab and Behnam and Reza and Shith and Hanieh Shotorban… and thousands more like them.

We say to the world that the imminent revolution by the Iranian people is the answer to the 33 years of Iranian “Nekbah,” the Islamic regime. On the anniversary of our great revolution, while the West is starving our people and the East, in support of the Islamic murderers, is feasting on our impoverished people’s riches, while all parties are threatening our people and the people of the region with war, death and destruction, we say no to war and military attack, no to economic sanctions and starving our people; we say yes to revolution of our people for freedom, we say yes to equality, yes to peace and prosperity. We say 33 years of Islamic regime is 33 years too long! We call for overthrowing these barbarians! We call for revolution.

To mark the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic catastrophe in Iran, in support of all political prisoners and their families in Iran, and in opposition to all forms of execution in Iran, activists in cities throughout the world will demonstrate on 22 Bahman (12th of February), the day of the overthrow of the Shah and his dictatorship in Iran in 1979. We will go out to the streets to publicly condemn 33 years of barbaric atrocities of this regime, and to ask people to take action to oppose the Islamic Republic’s daily acts of political imprisonment, torture, rape and execution of people in Iran. We demand an end to all execution in Iran, and the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners.

We ask freedom-loving people who support these demands to join us in raising the alarm about the regime’s intensifying campaign of bloodshed and torture against people in Iran. A regime that resorts to these methods to maintain its power has no legitimacy, as millions of Iranian protesters in the streets of Tehran and other cities have declared. The Islamic Republic’s embassies and offices should be closed in the firmest possible gesture of diplomatic sanctions. This regime is not a legitimate government, and no one should treat it as such. Those members of the Islamic Republic responsible for over 30 years of systematic and widespread rape, torture, stoning and execution in Iran should be tried in international court for their crimes against humanity.


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