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Stand with the People in Syria! Down with Dictator Assad! | Protest Action: 25 September 2011, Washington DC

Thousands of Syrian women and children blocked a main coastal highway Wednesday, 13 April 2011, demanding authorities release detainees picked up during a crackdown on opponents of dictator Bashar Assad's authoritarian regime.


In 1982, the international community was silent while an estimated 50,000 Syrian people were slaughtered by the forces of Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad. In 2011, that genocidal mass murderer’s son, the present Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, has massacred as estimated 3,000 innocent civilians and shows no signs of stopping.

This time, we cannot say we didn’t know. This time the world bears witness to yet another genocide. This time the international community can not be allowed to stay silent. This time we hold responsible those who are actually responsible!

This time, we, the humane front, demand that the slaughter of Syrian people be brought to an immediate halt, and those responsible be held accountable.

Join us in Washington DC for a demonstration outside the Syrian Embassy in support of the people in Syria.
Date: 25 September 2011
Time: 1pm
Place: 2215 Wyoming Ave, NW; Washington DC 20008
Organizers: Mission Free Iran & Unity for Democracy and Justice

1- Immediate closure of al-Assad-loyal Syrian embassies & expulsion of al-Assad’s regime from the UN.
2- Immediate blocking of all financial resources of Assad’s regime.
3- Immediate issuance of an arrest order for Assad and all responsible for the ongoing genocide.
4- Immediate investigation of the Islamic terrorist regime’s direct involvement in the ongoing genocide as well as illegal financial and technical assistance to Assad’s regime; and immediate halt of all direct and indirect flights by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s aviation to Syria pending international investigation.
5- Hold accountable those governments with seats on the UN Security Council and a mandate to act on behalf of humanity to stop the genocide in Syria.

All supporters of this action are welcome to join; there will be an open microphone so that all wishing to express themselves may do so.


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