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Glorious Demonstration in Support of Asylum-seekers’ Rights: Activists in Sweden Protest Deportations of Ali Mansouri and Mitra Kahrom

In support of Mitra Kahrom, the known political activist against the Islamic regime, and Ali Mansouri who was involved in the riots in Ahwaz, Khozestaan by the Arab population in 2005 and has an indictment to appear in court on charges of ACTING AGAINST THE SECURITY OF THE REGIME, supporters of human rights, asylum rights … Continue reading

URGENT: Letter-Writing Action: Stop Sweden’s Illegal Deportation of Ahwazi Activist Ali Mansouri!

UPDATE: FANTASTIC NEWS: Ali Mansouri’s deportation was halted by an amazing act of international solidarity. Please see here for a summary of what occurred. PLEASE URGENTLY SEND THIS SAMPLE LETTER TO STOP THE SWEDISH GOVERNMENT’S ILLEGAL DEPORTATION OF IRANIAN ACTIVIST ALI MANSOURI. Dear friends: Ali’s illegal deportation by the government of Sweden is scheduled for Friday, 26 … Continue reading

No One Should Be Able To Say “We Did Not Know”!

Please copy the dark brown text and add your signature at the bottom and send it to the list in blue. لطفا بخش قهوه‌ای را کپی کرده و به لیست آدرس‌ها که آبی‌ است بفرستید. فراموش نکنید که تیتری برای نامه با ذکر شماره پرونده و نام و نام خانوادگی هادی  برای میل انتخاب کنید … Continue reading

Mr. Billström! Mitra Stays… and the Islamic Regime Goes!

Mitra Kahrom is a political activist. She is associated with an anti-Islamic regime nationalist organization. Mitra is a constant guest-speaker in that organization’s internet-based TV program which airs towards the Islamic regime. Opposition TV channels are widely watched in Iran and are considered by the Islamic regime as a serious existential threat. Streets of major Iranian … Continue reading

Protest Action: Stop Deportation of Ali, Let Mitra Stay! | Wednesday 24 August, 6pm

The Swedish party Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna has called for demonstration to stop the deportations of Ali Mansouri and Mitra Kahrom. We fully support this action, and urge everyone with the possibility of attending to do so. Date: Wednesday, August 24 Time 6:00pm – 7:00pm Location: Migrationsverkets förvar. Hitta till förvaret: Från Märsta pendeltågstation går buss nr … Continue reading

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