Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Navid Can Not Be Deported

Yesterday, 16 August 2011, activists from various organizations, among them the International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) and the Justice Party (RP), gathered outside the Migration Office’s headqarters in Solna, Sweden. This demonstration was in support of the Iranian political activist Navid Mirpourzadeh, who the Swedish government intends to deport to the arms of the Islamic murderers in Iran.

Navid Mirpourzadeh is a member of Mission Free Iran and a well-known activist. The Swedish government has been warned of the consequences of this illegal and utterly irresponsible decision it has taken in Navid’s case should the Swedish government be allowed to carry out this madness.

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Mitra Kahrom was arrested by Swedish police at the protest against the Swedish right wing alliance government plan to deport MFI activist Navid Mirpourzadeh. yesterday

Appallingly, during the demonstration, Mitra Kahrom, one of the activists who had gathered to support Navid’s right to asylum, was herself arrested by the Swedish police to be deported to Iran!

The Swedish government has a history of supporting the tyrants of Iran against our people for political and economic gains.  In the 1970s, the Swedish government entered  a program in which the Swedish SEPO trained the Shah’s notorious secret police called SAVAK, and in return, the Swedish automobile manufcturer Volvo exported a number of Amazon model cars which were sold on easy terms to the SAVAK agents. The recent wave of illegal attempts by the Swedish government to deport known Iranian activists, even if it is not known to be an official “deal” with Islamic murderers and rapists, certainly serves the interests of the Islamic Republic, which for the past 2 years in particular has been under great pressure by the Iranian opposition abroad. The Sakineh Ashtiani campaign, which practically stopped the barbaric Islamic act of stoning, is an example of the significant pain that Iranian activists have caused the headmen of Ayatollah!


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