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URGENT: Time to Phone and Fax to Demand a Halt to Mitra Kahrom’s Deportation to Iran.

We have very little time before the Swedish government goes forward with its illegal decision to deport Mitra Kahrom to the bloody hands of the Islamic Republic. It is up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen by phoning and faxing the Swedish authorities and putting pressure on them. Keep in mind that the … Continue reading

LETTER-WRITING ACTION: Write to the European Parliament in Support of the People in Iraqi Kurdistan

Please send an email based on this letter to the European Union to help stop the attacks on the people in Iraqi Kurdistan. PLEASE SEND TO: & To the European Parliament: I am writing to express my deep concern about the attacks by the Turkish government and the Islamic Republic of Iran against … Continue reading

September 3, 2011: Global Demonstrations in Defense of People in Iraqi Kurdistan and against the Atrocities of the Islamic Republic of Iran & the Turkish Government!

What is happening? For the past several weeks, people in Iraqi Kurdistan have been the targets of military operations by both the Islamic Republic of Iran and by the Turkish military. The Turkish government and the Islamic Republic claim that the reason they are launching air and ground assaults in this region is to defend … Continue reading

Mitra Kahrom: Because She is a Woman. | URGENT: Stop the Illegal Deportation of Mitra Kahrom to the Misogynist Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mitra Kahrom was forced to endure extreme violence at the hands of a brutal husband whose crimes against Mitra are endorsed by a brutal and misogynist regime. Unable to tolerate life under such repression, Mitra went to the streets in protest against the Islamic Republic; she was identified and hunted by the regime. Subsequently, she … Continue reading

Deportation of Ali Mansouri Halted!

Report from Friday 26 August 2011: Ali Mansouri was on the plane this morning in Stockholm Sweden. The flight was about to take off to deport this young man to hell in Iran. But these beautiful people would not give up on Ali. The humane front would not let him be sent back to the … Continue reading