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The Story of Hani Taleghani, Iranian Asylum-seeker Denied Refuge in Finland [EN | FA]

The following is a translation of Hani Taleghani’s statement about his case as an asylum-seeker in Finland. We should note that while we will urgently contact Hani’s lawyer referenced here for clarifications and explanations, we do assert that under no circumstances should Hani have been left alone in court unrepresented, nor should he have been forced to submit to a court hearing when he was clearly physically unfit to do so.

We at Mission Free Iran have agreed with Hani that he would take an active role in his own case; for this reason, Hani has broken his hunger strike.We are very pleased and thankful for this positive decision. We are going to take a number of different steps in his case, first and foremost to ensure that the whole world knows about him, and to engage activists in working on his case in terms of letter-writing, petition-signing and more. It is important for the world to understand the ways that the Islamic Republic of Iran creates situations in which people can’t live anymore. Irrespective of the details of any given individual’s case, each of these such cases are indeed political cases because there is a political entity and political agenda driving these persecutions and prosecutions related to adultery, forced marriage, and so on. People worldwide should realize that by supporting people who have fled the daily inhumanities imposed by the Islamic regime in Iran, they are supporting those who are struggling against the politics of the Islamic Republic as a repressive, violent and a very dangerous political entity.

Below is Hani’s story, in English, and in Farsi beneath that:

I, Hani Awaz Taleghani, was born on 29 Ordibehesht 1363 (19 May 1984), in the city of Rasht. Three years ago, on the 9th of September 2008, I sought asylum in Finland. After 10 months of waiting in a camp in the middle of the forest, on June 2009, I was interviewed at the migration office of Finland in the city of Imatra. They asked me the reason why I left Iran, and I explained the reasons. After the interview, my lawyer told me that the interview was very good, and I might get my positive response within 4 months. After 7 months of waiting – having waited a total of 17 months after entering Finland – the migration office gave me a negative verdict and told me that I need to prove my claims. I did not have access to my documents in Iran. I protested the decision and told them that I cannot access those documents.

My lawyer told me to wait 4-6 months until my file was reviewed again. I waited another 6 months, and nothing happened. I became unwell and started using strong anti-anxiety medication. Six more months passed. Ten days before New Year 2011, I received my second negative answer from the migration office. I protested again, and my lawyer said to wait another 4 months so the Supreme Court of Finland can examine my case. This time, my family sent two documents from Iran, which I gave to my lawyer. I waited seven months more. Finally, I could no longer tolerate the neglect of my asylum case by the government of Finland; I escaped Finland without having received the Supreme Court’s judgment.

I sought asylum in Germany, but [my prior claim in Finland] was revealed; as a result I spent 40 days under arrest in the city of Frankfurt, and then was deported to Finland. The Finnish police sent me directly to the Metsälä detention in Helsinki. After 3 days, I was taken to court. I just managed to say, “I protest” – I was not allowed to speak more. They told me, “You need to go back to the prison and we will examine your case within two weeks.” Back in prison, I tried to locate my legal advisor and ask for help. I was told that he was on holiday.

I felt there was no other way to deal with my case but going on hunger strike.

I contacted my lawyer and told him where I was being held. He said that he was going to visit me. I asked him to fax my file because I wanted to file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights. I told him that I am in a hurry, and I cannot delay. But he did not send anything. He said he was coming to visit me in two days, but he did not. Later, the staff at the detention center told me, “Your lawyer has fallen ill and has taken sick leave.” I tried to change my lawyer but there has been no result, and I couldn’t get any help in this very isolated atmosphere.

For 8 days, I only took two sugar cubes and a litre of water. Then I was taken to court despite my very bad physical situation. Two policemen came and took me to court by force. I didn’t even have my shoes on. While I was fading in and out of consciousness, the policeman was twisting my arm. Very politely, I asked him to be a little more gentle, but he did the opposite. Later, they put me in a cell 2×2 meters square, for 30 minutes. Then 2 policemen came and dragged me out and into the courtroom. I said that I would like to defend myself, but the judge did not allow me. After 2 minutes, they said, “You go [back to detention] for another 2 weeks.” I protested, but the judge ordered those two policemen to take me out of the court. I was taken back to that little cell, and I stayed there for an hour. I passed out and fell on the cold floor of that room. Later, I was taken by two policemen to the detention center.

I hope with the help of you dear ones to put an end to this harsh situation.
Thank you.
Hani Awaz Taleghani


اینجانب هانی‌ عوض طالقانی هستم متولد ۲۹/۲/۱۳۶۳ در شهرِ رشت، در ۳ سالِ پیش یعنی‌ ۹/۹/۲۰۰۸ در کشور فنلاند درخواستِ پناهنده گی‌‌ دادم. بعد از گذشتِ ۱۰ ماه انتظار در کمپی واقع در دل جنگل در ۶/۲۰۰۹ واقع در شهرِ ایمترا اداره یه مهاجرت فنلاند از من مصاحبه کرد. (از من پرسیدند) به چه علت از ایران خارج شدی و مشکلت چه بوده؟ من از اتفاقی‌ که باعث شد کشورم رو ترک کنم گفتم، بعد از مصاحبه وکیل‌ام گفت بسیار عالی‌ بود و بعد از حدودأ ۴ ماه به احتمال زیاد اقامت این کشور را خواهی‌ گرفت.

بعد از ۷ ماه انتظار و در مجموع ۱۷ ماه (پس از ورود) اداری مهاجرت به من جواب منفی‌ داد، و گفت ما به مدرک احتیاج داریم تا مطمئن بشیم! من به مدارکم در ایران دسترسی‌ نداشتم؛ با این حال دوباره اعتراض کردم. گفتم نمیتونم مدارک رو ارائه بدم چون دست من یا خانواده من نیست. وکیل گفت ۴ تا ۶ ماه منتظر بمون تا پرونده دوباره بر‌رسی‌ بشه.

۶ ماه دیگه هم گذشت و باز هم خبری نشد. بیمار شدم قرص‌های بسیار قوی آرام بخش استفاده می‌کردم. ۶ ماهِ دیگر هم گذشت ۱۰ روز مانده به ساله میلادی ۲۰۱۱ دومین منفی‌ رو اداری مهاجرت به من داد. دوباره اعتراض کردم و وکیل گفت ۴ ماه صبر کن تا دادگاه عالی‌ فنلاند نظر قطعی خودش رو بگه. اینبار خوانوادم ۲ مدرک از ایران برام پست کردن و ارائه دادم به وکیل.

، ۷ ماه منتظر مندم و از اینهمه بی‌ تفاوتی‌ فنلاند نسبت به درخواست پناهندگیم خسته شدم و از این کشور فرار کردم، در حالی‌ که جواب دادگاه عالی‌ رو نگرفته بودم.در آلمان تقاضای پناهندگی دادم و بخاطر اینکه در فنلاند اثر انگشت داشتم به مدت ۴۰ روز در زندانی در شهر فرانکفورت بودم، و بعد دیپورت شدم به فنلاند، و پلیس من رو مستقیم به زندان متسالان واقع در هلسینکی آورد.

بد از ۳ روز به دادگاه برده شدم و فقط تونستم بگم شکایت دارم و دیگه اجازه حرف زدن نداشتم! گفتن باید ۲ هفته دیگه به زندان برگردی تا بر‌رسی‌ کنیم…

وقتی‌ برگشتم به زندان تلاش کردم وکیل رسمی خودم رو پیدا کنم و از او کمک بخوام. گفتن تعطیلاته ، راهی‌ نمی‌دیدم، اعتصاب غذا کردم. (بالاخره) با وکیل تماس گرفتم و گفتم در چه شرایطی هستم. گفت به ملاقات خواهد آمد، خواهش کردم پرونده من رو برام فاکس کنه چون می‌خوام به دادگاهِ حقوق بشر اروپا شکایت کنم و عجله دارم ولی‌ اینکارو نکرد. ۲ روز هر روز گفت می‌آیم ولی‌ نیامد و بد کارمندهای زندان گفتند وکیل شما مریض هست و به مرخصی رفته. تلاش کردم وکیلم رو عوض کنم ولی‌ نتیجه نداد و کسی‌ در این محیط بسته کمکی‌ نکرد، ۸ روز فقط روزی ۲ قند با یک لیتر آب نوشیدم وقت دادگاه رسید و در حالی‌ که بسیار شرایط جسمانیم بد بود ۲ پلیس آمدن و بزور کشان کشان با دمپایی در حالتی که رو به بیهوشی بودم بردند و یکی‌ از آنها مچ دست راستم رو میپیچند و در اون حال آرام خواهش کردم لطفا آرامتر و آن محکمتر دستم را پیچاند. بد از ۳۰ دقیقه ماندن در سلولی ۲ متری ۲ پلیس آمده و کشان کشان و خنده کنان من رو به داخل محیط دادگاه بردند. در آن حال تقاضا کردم که می‌خوام از خودم دفاع کنم؛ قاضی این اجازه‌رو نداد، و بد از (فقط) ۲ دقیقه گفت دوباره به مدت ۲ هفته به زندان برمیگردی! گفتم اعتراض دارم ولی‌ دستور داد آن ۲ پلیس آماده و من رو از دادگاه بیرون ببرند. به مدت یک ساعت دوباره در همان سلول بودم در حالت بیهوشی روی سیمان سرد دراز (شده)بودم. و بد دوباره آن ۲ پلیس آمده و من رو به زندان آوردن.

امیدوارم با کمک شما عزیزان به این شرایط بسیار سخت خاتمه بدم …

با سپاس.


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