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Iraqi Government Representative Visits al-Waleed Camp, Promises Parliamentary Review of Situation of Iranian Kurdish Refugees (ENG | FA)

21 July 2011: The Iranian Kurdish Refugees Coordination in al-Waleed Camp reports that a very high-level delegation from al-Anbar province under the chairmanship of Mr. Taleb Salem, who is a political assistant of the governor of al-Anbar, has visited the people in al-Waleed Camp who have been on strike since 1 May 2011. He expressed deep concern about the way that UNHCR has conducted its duties at al-Waleed and has said that in the coming days, the Iraqi Parliament is going to be informed about the situation.

He asked the striking refugees that they suspend their strike, even if only for a few days, to allow the Parliamentarians to work on the issue; the request was accepted by the refugees on strike. Several well-known Iraqi TV channels, including al-Sharqyeah, al-Anbar, and government-owned al-Araqiah covered the day’s events.


هيئتى بلندبايه ازاستانداري الانباربه سربرستي آقاي طالب سالم مشاورسياسي استاندارالانبارازكمب الوليدوتحصن بناهنده كان كردايراني كه ازاول ماه مه شروع كرده ديداركردومراتب نكراني خودازنحوه كاركاركنان سازمان UNHCRدركمب ابرازداشت واعلام كردكه آنهادرروزهاي آينده بارلمان وحكومت عراق را در جريان وضع غير انساني بناهنده كان خواهند كذاشت وازبناهندكان خواستارشدكه بطورمؤقت تحصن خودرامتوقف كنند واين درخواست ازجانب بناهنده كان بذيرفته شد.شايان ذكر است كه در اين ديدارجندكانال تلويزيوني عراقي معتبرازجمله الشرقية وتلويزيون دولتي العراقية حضور داشتند


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