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ICRIR: Update on the Campaign to Stop the Swedish Government’s Illegal Deportation of Sanan Ashrafi to Execution in Iran

The date of deportation for Sanan Ashrafi is fast approaching: Friday 1 July 2011. Due to popular pressure and excellent legal work by Sanan’s lawyer, Bo Johannsson at the Swedish Refugee Advice Center, a bit of optimism has developed with regard to Sanan’s case. However, the battle is not yet won. It remains critical for … Continue reading

A Call by the Borderless Refugee Organization in Defense of Sanan Ashrafi (ENG & FA)

The Borderless Refugee Organization has announced that it will protest in defense of Sanan Ashrafi, an Iranian asylum-seeker that the Swedish government intends to illegally deport to execution in Iran. The International Coalition for the Rights of Iranian Refugees supports this call and urges all who have the possibility to attend this action in Stockholm … Continue reading

ICRIR: Open Letter to Tobias Billström, Swedish Minister for Migration & Asylum Policy, Regarding the Illegal Refoulement of Iranian Opposition Activist SANAN ASHRAFI (case #11220571) – INCLUDES LETTER-WRITING ACTION

Although we have proven to the Swedish government on several occasions that its refugee status determination and refoulement procedures are functionally illegal and will undeniably result in the persecution, torture and execution of returned Iranian political asylum-seekers in need of protection, the right-wing coalition Swedish government again intends to illegally deport Iranian opposition activist Sanan … Continue reading

ICRIR: URGENT: Contact Swedish Migration Office and Swedish Embassies & Consulates to Stop Deportation of Sanan Ashrafi to Execution in Iran

Iranian opposition activist Sanan Ashrafi will be detained, tortured, and probably executed if returned to Iran. It is urgent that this deportation be halted. Your urgent assistance is required to do so – the Swedish government has already issued his plane tickets for Friday, 1 July 2011. Facts of the case (derived from legal statement): … Continue reading

Event Report: Washington DC Action for the International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran

Activists in Washington DC held an inspiring demonstration and march in support of political prisoners in Iran on Sunday 19 June 2011, in conjunction with actions held in nearly 50 cities worldwide in recognition of the International Day of Support for Political Prisoners in Iran. We started out shouting at the offices of the Islamic … Continue reading