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MFI Press Release: Iraq’s Torture, Deportation, and Attacks on Iranian Refugees Prompt Protest at Iraqi Embassy in Washington DC

Washington, D.C. April 14, 2011 – As the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to openly arrest, torture and execute political activists within its borders, it has also sought international assistance in capturing and silencing anti-regime activists living abroad. Supporting the regime’s efforts, the Iraqi government has allowed the Islamic Republic to intimidate, harass, and torture Iranian refugees in Iraq, including child refugees; Iraq has illegally deported at least 45 Iranian refugees to the hands of the regime in Iran, and its military has attacked and killed unarmed Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf.

In condemnation of the Iraq government’s complicity with the Islamic Republic’s crimes against Iranian people, protesters will gather outside of the Iraqi Embassy in Washington DC on April 17, 2011 at 3pm to demand the following:

1) an end to all harassment, intimidation, and torture of Iranian refugees by either Iraqi or Islamic Republic of Iran security personnel,

2) an immediate halt to all illegal deportations of Iranian refugees to Iran, and

3) a permanent cessation of Iraqi state violence against unarmed Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf.

We demand that the Iraqi government uphold refugee rights according to international standards, and we extend this demand throughout the world wherever refugee rights are violated.

The Embassy of Iraq is located at 3421 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC, 20007.

Maria Rohaly
Mission Free Iran


One thought on “MFI Press Release: Iraq’s Torture, Deportation, and Attacks on Iranian Refugees Prompt Protest at Iraqi Embassy in Washington DC

  1. Iraqi officials have been asked on numerous occasions since September 6, 2010 to release children being kept in an Iraq prison with criminals. They have been informed of tortures committed by Iranian Consulate officers and have allowed it to continue. The highest officials in Iraq are guilty of murder for the slaughter at Camp Ashraf of unarmed refugees. It is time to protest at Iraqi Embassies around the world.

    Posted by Walton K. Martin - Director, Iranian Refugees Action Network | April 16, 2011, 3:35 am

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