Human Rights, Solidarity with Refugees

ICRIR: Official Complaint by Iranian Asylum Seekers Against the Migration Office Translator in Cyprus

(Amir Masoud Khaghani, the author of this letter, represents refugee activists in Cyprus who are collaborating with ICRIR)

To the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,

We are officially demanding that Mr. Hamid Khalaj, an Iranian translator at the migration office in Cyprus, be investigated.

This is our formal group complaint because many of our translations are incorrect. For some unspecified reason, Mr. Khalaj is very hostile towards Iranians, and because of his animosity, the majority of the refugees in Cyprus believe this person’s hostility has had an influence on their negative status determination.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, ask UNHCR to investigate this problem. Meanwhile, we know that the translator has a direct relationship with the Embassy of Islamic Republic, and has provided refugees’ confidential information to the Iranian consulate in Cyprus. This is dangerous and constitutes a threat to our lives as refugees from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Thank you for your attention,
A group of Iranian refugees in Cyprus:
1) Ali Ramazani arc: 5631275
2) Amir Masoud Khaghani arc: 5570795A
3) Zinat Tajik Plasht arc: 5601979
4) Saeid Khaghani arc: 5584314
5) Daryoush Mahyaei arc: 5400813
6) Mehrdad Marouf arc: 5642669
7) Reza Sadeghi arc: 5649371
8) Amin Vadian arc: 5638653
9) Iraj Ghalami Oskouei arc: 5542357
10) Mahvash Dekhoshnam arc: 5650692
11) Mohammad Agha Rabi arc: 5650691
12) Mohammad Khorasani arc: 566951
13) Masoud Torabi arc: 5624494
14) Jalil Pahlavani arc: 550802
15) Aram Adalat arc: 550803A
16) Hossin Aghghir arc: 5650240
17) Esmaeil Maslahati Niar arc: 5647493
18) Abbas Maslahti arc: 5534213
19) Ali Reza Amini arc: 5462288
20) Hamid Reza Gohary arc: 5669136
21) Abdollah Arc: 5602704
22) Fatemeh Sheykhvand arc: 5647028
23) Sayed Kazeme Mosavi arc: 584861
24) Abbas Haji Remezan arc: 5624579
25) Behnaz Kashipaze Tehrani arc: 5624580

Members of the ICRIR include Action for Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East, International Federation for Iranian Refugees, Iranian Refugees Action Network, Iranian Refugee Amnesty Network, and Mission Free Iran.


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