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ICRIR: Once at Risk of Deportation, Iranian Refugee Keivan Soufastaie Wins Asylum Status in Sweden

Keivan Soufastaie, an Iranian asylum-seeker at risk of execution in Iran for apostasy, was on the verge of being deported from Sweden to Iran just 2 short months ago. The Swedish government had preparations in place to deport him on January 7, 2011. Three days before he was to be deported, public campaigns were held … Continue reading

ICRIR: Open Letter to UNHCR Iraq Regarding the Situation of Tabasi and UNHCR’s Refusal to Uphold Its Mandate in Iraq

March 25, 2011 To Rana Ksaifi and Iraj Imomberdiev: We are writing to you again with serious concerns about the situation of Mohammad Ghamari Tabasi. 1) In our previous letter to you, dated February 10, 2011, we requested housing assistance on behalf of Mohammad Ghamari Tabasi. Although you have promised to uphold your mandate and … Continue reading

IFIR/ICRIR Protest Action, Örebro, Sweden: Solidarity with Refugees, Condemnation of Ghezal Hesar Massacre

Navid Mirpourzadih, a refugee himself and the lead of the Örebro chapter of the International Federation of Iranian Refugees, is organizing a protest action in Örebro, Sweden on 29 March 2011: IFIR/ICRIR Protest Action 1- in support of Iranian refugees in Iraq 2- to condemn the bloodbath in Ghezal-Hesar 3- to condemn the Swedish Government’s … Continue reading

Demand the Gates of Ghezal Hesar be Opened to Inspection by the International Committee of the Red Cross!

The massacre at Ghezal Hesar Prison is only the latest and most visible manifestation of the conditions of complete repression of prisoners in Iran, and their utter lack of anything resembling rights. The repression of prisoners in Iran reflects the repression of the society as a whole. On March 15, 2011, at least 80 prisoners … Continue reading

حکومت اقلیم کردستان عراق و کمیساریای عالی پناهندگان سازمان ملل متحد سی تن از پناهجویان را تحویل جمهوری اسلامی ایران داده اند

اطلاعیه مطبوعاتی اتحادیه بین المللی برای حقوق پناهندگان ایرانی مترجم – لاله گیلانی حکومت اقلیم کردستان عراق و کمیساریای عالی پناهندگان سازمان ملل متحد سی تن از پناهجویان را تحویل جمهوری اسلامی ایران داده اند. واشنگتن دی سی – 27 اسفند 1389 دیروز دولت اقلیم کردستان عراق، سی تن از پناهجویان ایرانی را که در … Continue reading

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