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True Love: Mousavi, Karroubi, Khomeini – the Islamic Republic, Together Always

This is the only “valentine” the Islamic Republic – green or black – deserves. Thirty-two years of slaughter of Iranian people is thirty-two years too long. Screen-captured images, including adulatory image of genocidaire Ruhollah Khomeini, taken from the front page of the website that is the mouthpiece of Mousavi and Karroubi: The hangman’s nooses … Continue reading

Egypt: The Bread and Freedom Revolution

(French translation below) After decades of suffocating under dictatorship, people in Egypt poured into the streets by the millions to say they have had enough, they can no longer take this, and they deserve a humane life. The events in Egypt are not thunder from a blue sky; revolutions never are. If the events in … Continue reading

International Coordinated Call Campaign for Egypt

International Coordinated Call Campaign to the White House: Demand an End to the Violence against Protesters! Not One More Dollar to Fund Mubarak’s Dictatorship! From 9am Eastern Standard Time (EST) to 5pm EST, the switchboards at the White House are open to take your comments. We ask all people worldwide who support the Egyptian peoples’ … Continue reading

We Stand with the People of Egypt

(French translation below) For the past 30 years, people in Egypt have been forced to live under the criminal dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak. It is a regime that keeps people in abject poverty while pilfering for itself, and the Egyptian elite, the wealth produced by the people; a regime that keeps 18,000 political prisoners detained … Continue reading

Stand against Slaughter in Egypt

Dear Friends, Right now there are widespread government attacks against people protesting for their freedom and equality in Egypt. People worldwide must express their outrage in solidarity with people in Egypt. As people around the world stood and still stand with Iranian people, we must also support Egyptian people in their time of dire need, … Continue reading

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