Solidarity with Refugees

No! to Secret Deportations of Iranian Refugees from Kurdistan, Iraq!

The Kurdistan region of Iraq, and Suleymania province specifically, currently serve as key destinations for many Iranian anti-government and political dissidents seeking refuge from the Islamic Republic. Iraq, which shares its Kurdistan border with Iran, and where UNHCR maintains a presence with offices in Erbil and Suleymania, is a viable refuge for many of these escapees because they should be able to seek asylum with UNHCR and be protected by international refugee laws.

At present, in both Suleymania and throughout the Kurdistan region of Iraq, we are witnessing uprisings similar to those in Yemen, Libya, and Egypt: Iraqis are asking for democracy and human rights, and these uprisings are being crushed with force by local governments. Additional demonstrations are planned for this Friday (February 25, 2011) in Iraq.

These democratic activities have created unstable and volatile conditions for Iranian refugees who, because of their political and anti-government activities, are at high risk of being targeted for terror and for secret deportations back to Iran. It is no secret that intelligence agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran are active in both Suleymania and Erbil, and are conducting business as usual in identifying and rounding up the political escapees. We have reports that several Iranians who had escaped to Suleymania have already been secretly deported back to Iran by the intelligence agents of the Islamic Republic in Suleymania.

We are asking all human rights organizations such as United Nations, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch to be aware that Iranian political refugees and dissidents are being deported out of Iraq and back to Iranian prisons.

We at Mission Free Iran hereby declare the start of our campaign: “No! to Secret Deportations of Iranian Refugees from Kurdistan, Iraq!”

Translation by Soheila Nikpour

دراوضاع جدیدی که در شهر سلیمانیه و به طور کلی در کردستان عراق و عراق پیش آمده است و مردم معترضی که به خیابان ها ریخته اند و و خواهان خواسته های به حق خود هستند و در برابر با گلوله و و سرکوب و کشت کشتا ر با آنها بر خورد شده است. در این میان جمهوری ننگ اسلامی از کار باز نایستاده ونهایت استفاده بی شرمانه خود را با همکاری نفوذیان ، به جاسوسی خود برای افراد سیاسی و اپوزسیون ایرانی ادامه می دهد اما این بار گسترده تر و طرح بنده شده تر و ساز مان دهی شده تر این کار را انجام می دهد و تا این لحظه که ما اطلاع داریم تعداد زیادی از ایرانیان مقیم شهر سلیمانیه که متاسفانه هنوز اسامی آنها در دسترس ما قرار نگرفته است به ایران دیپورت شده اند و خود ما و دوستان ما را تهدید کرده اند.
به همه احزاب آزادی خواه ، سازمان های حقوق بشری ،به همه سازمان های جامعه مدنی ،به اتحادیه حقوق بشر ،به سازمان های ملل متحد و به تمامی سازمانهای آزادی خواه و مدافق حقوق بشری و بشر دوستان
در عراق جان هزاران انسان در خطر است
ما در همین لحظه کمپین نه به دیپورت در کردستان عراق و عراق را اعلام میکنیم.

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