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Stand against Slaughter in Egypt

Dear Friends,

Right now there are widespread government attacks against people protesting for their freedom and equality in Egypt. People worldwide must express their outrage in solidarity with people in Egypt.

As people around the world stood and still stand with Iranian people, we must also support Egyptian people in their time of dire need, even as the needs of Iranian people remain so critical.

When the people of Egypt succeed in their revolution, it will create a change in the balance of power between people and their governments worldwide, to the benefit of the people, and this includes in Iran. But we need to throw our support behind the people of Egypt to ensure their successful revolution.

Below is a suggested letter that you can send to foreign ministries and secretaries of state worldwide to demand a halt to state-sponsored attacks against protesters in Egypt, along with necessary email addresses.

Thank you for supporting our sisters & brothers in Egypt.


Demand Safety for Egyptian Protesters: Letter & Contacts for Foreign Ministries & Media

Instructions: Copy/paste sample letter to your email; addresses to foreign ministries below; media addresses below that. Foreign Ministries list is clean, some from media may bounce.

To the Foreign Minister or Secretary of State:

I am writing to you to urge you to pressure the Egyptian government to uphold the fundamental civil and human rights of people in Egypt. People in Egypt must be supported in exercising their right to engage in acts of free speech and protest against a dictatorship that engages in arbitrary detention, torture, murder, and widespread suppression of civil liberties.

Governments worldwide must stand with people who demand their fundamental human rights, and against dictatorships. The Egyptian government has begun to crack down with extreme violence on the protesters. This must not be tolerated in silence. I expect your government to act to stop the state violence against the people in Egypt.


[your name]

EMAIL ADDRESSES of FOREIGN MINISTRIES:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

US Contact Form:!

Dutch Contact Form:



2 thoughts on “Stand against Slaughter in Egypt

  1. From Tunisia ….

    I am those who are free and never fear
    I am the secrets that will never die
    I am the voice of those who would not give in
    …(tharr be more)I am the meaning amid the chaos

    I am the right of the oppressed
    That is sold by these dogs (people who are dogs)
    Who rob the people of their daily bread
    And slam the door in the face of ideas

    I am those who are free and never fear
    I am the secrets that will never die
    I am the voice those who would not give in
    I am free and my word is free
    I am free and my word is free
    Don’t forget the price of bread
    And don’t forget the cause of our misery
    And don’t forget who betrayed us in our time of need

    I am those who are free and never fear
    I am the secrets that will never die
    I am the voice those who would not give in
    I am the secret of the red rose
    Whose color the years loved
    Whose scent the rivers buried
    And who sprouted as fire
    Calling those who are free

    I am a star shining in the darkness
    I am a thorn in the throat of the oppressor
    I am a wind touched by fire
    I am the soul of those who are not forgotten
    I am the voice of those who have not died

    Let’s make clay out of steel
    And build with it a new love
    That becomes birds
    That becomes a country/home
    That becomes wind and rain

    I am all the free people of the world put together
    I am like a bullet
    I am all the free people of the world put together
    I am like a bullet

    Posted by viola wilkins | February 2, 2011, 3:50 pm
  2. Although my comments have been prompted by the good people of Egypt, this is an open letter to ALL citizens around the world.

    I am very happy to see populations everywhere finally standing up in mass to oust the so called “Leaders” whose primary interest is in consolidating their own power and wealth, at the expense of the people that they are supposed to be serving.

    While your numbers are strong and motivated, it is vital that you establish a strong “Constitution.” A Constitution that places all the governing power in the hands of The People. A Constitution that protects the rights of every person. A Constitution that includes the right to impeach (recall) any “Official” that violates the Constitution.

    All of these self-serving “Leaders” (political, religious and imperialist) consolidate their power by turning us against other groups of people who support the Leaders’ opponents.

    The most destructive manipulation of citizens by these “Leaders” stems from the exploitation of our of our young men and boys, who have biological tendencies to compete against one another. Example; after hiring strikebreakers, Jay Gould was known to say that, he could always hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half. Like Jay Gould, every corrupt “Leader” relies on paid thugs within the ranks of the military and police departments. Be sure to document the actions of these thugs so that they can be held to account once your transition is complete.

    Regarding the military and police, rather than promoting cooperative building programs, these “Leaders” exploit our son’s fascinations with guns and the feelings of power that guns provide. The best way to stop these “Leaders” is to simply guide our son’s towards building our countries, and let these young men satisfy their aggressive tendencies through non-lethal competitions like sports.

    During the Cold-War, the citizens of the USSR and the USA were turned against each other by politicians. However, the fact is that the Citizens of both these countries would have, and now do, live and work very contently with one another.

    We must not let these “Leaders” distract us from our right to live peaceful, productive lives with friends, family and each other. To insure these rights, everyone, everywhere needs to protect their right to speak out against these “Leaders” or anyone that would violate our rights of Life and Liberty.

    Thank you,
    Fellow Citizen, Earth

    Posted by Kevin | February 3, 2011, 9:28 pm

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