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UPDATED List of Events for January 28-30 GLOBAL DAYS OF ACTION in Support of Political Prisoners and Against Execution in Iran

These actions against the brutality of the Islamic Republic have been called and will be implemented by various organizations worldwide. AFGHANISTAN Kabul, Herat, Mazar-e Sharif & Kandahar Date: Saturday, January 29 Details to follow Note: In an exchange with the responsibles of the Afghan Solidarity Party, we were informed that on 29th January, in the … Continue reading

TAKE ACTION: Demand that the Islamic Republic of Torture & Execution be Expelled from the United Nations || جهت اقدام: جمهوری کشتار و شکنجه اسلامی از سازمان ملل اخراج باید گردد

(ترجمه فارسی را در پایین متن انگلیسی میخوانید) The recent wave of executions, death sentence implementation orders, and widespread detentions in Iran have ignited the protests of people inside and outside of the country. These events demand a response from governments worldwide and their organizations. Yet once again, governments and the United Nations refuse to … Continue reading

ICRIR: Mohammad Ashrafi: Iranian Labour Leader, Asylum Seeker

Mohammad Ashrafi is an asylum seeker! Only a few months ago, he was a major figure behind a movement to establish free and independent labour organizations in Iran. Mohammad Ashrafi is a very well-known labour activist, but he was by no means alone in leading the Iranian labour movement towards organizing for a struggle that … Continue reading

Forcing Arts into an Ideological Straitjacket

by guest author Samantha Lesly When referring to the fight for freedom of expression in Iran, artists have always been ‘sitting ducks’ for governmental oppression. In fact, artists are censors’ primary concern because they are considered conduits for spreading ‘state propaganda’ through their work. The Islamic Republic’s need to preserve power and its lack of … Continue reading

ICRIR PRESS RELEASE, 6 January 2011: Sweden Re-Opens Asylum Case of Christian Iranian Keivan Soufastaie

Despite a court case in Iran for apostasy (leaving the Islamic religion) pending against asylum-seeker Keivan Soufastaie, and despite violent crackdowns by the Islamic Republic on Christians in Iran both historically and particularly in recent months, the government of Sweden had turned down the asylum application of Mr. Soufastaie, arrested him, and intended to deport … Continue reading

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