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Mission Free Iran Stands in Solidarity with Egyptian Uprising to Demand Freedom, Dignity, Equality in Egypt

Mission Free Iran stands in solidarity with the uprising people in Egypt, who demand real democracy, freedom, equality, and economic and social justice. To demonstrate our support, we participated in today’s (January 29) protest at the Egyptian Embassy; photos from the event are below. Mission Free Iran and Action for Democracy and Human Rights in … Continue reading

Press Release: Activists in Washington DC Join International Protests against Intensified Wave of Executions in Iran

As the Islamic Republic of Iran ramps up politically-motivated arrests, detentions and executions, activists in Washington DC join worldwide protests this weekend to call for an end to executions in Iran, to demand the immediate release of all political prisoners, and to urge the international community to impose human-rights-based diplomatic sanctions on the regime. More … Continue reading

ICRIR: Open Letter to UNHCR Iraq Regarding the Asylum Cases of Mohammad Ghamari Tabasi, Farhat Husseini, and Sena Ghamari Tabasi

On behalf of the International Coalition for the Rights of Iranian Refugees (ICRIR), we would like to note for the record that Mohammad Ghamari Tabasi, who with his family is camped outside of the UNHCR offices in Erbil, Iraq, along with two other asylum-seeking families, received an interview with UNHCR on or about December 22, … Continue reading

The January 29 Protests: Join Us to End 32 Years of Mass Killings, Executions, and Imprisonment and Torture of Iranian Activists

The recent wave of executions, death sentence implementation orders, and widespread detentions in Iran have ignited the protests of people inside and outside of the country. These events demand a response from governments worldwide and their organizations. Yet once again, governments and the United Nations refuse to act substantively and in the interests of Iranian … Continue reading

جهت اقدام: جمهوری کشتار و شکنجه اسلامی از سازمان ملل اخراج باید گردد

مدخل نامه ای به سازمان ملل متحد موج اخیر اعدامها، تائید احکام اعدام، و بازداشت های گسترده در ایران به شعله اعتراضات مردم چه در داخل و چه در خارج ایران دامن زده است. این جرایم نیازمند پاسخی از سوی دولتها و سازمانهایشان در سراسر جهان اند با این همه یک بار دیگر، دولتها و … Continue reading