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Diplomatic Staff Should Boycott New Years’ Festivities Hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran

While wishing our friends a happy and healthy New Year, we also issue a suggestion to the diplomatic corps of various governments around the world, as they consider which embassy events to attend to celebrate the New Year:

DON’T go to the Islamic Republic’s parties. 32 years of rape, torture, stoning and execution has left the hands of members of this regime bloody, and the guilty, criminal stain spreads to all those who voluntarily shake the hands of these murderers.

The Islamic Republic should be left by themselves in their Embassy on this and all social occasions. Regime members should be treated by everyone as the murderers that they are. And you can send this message to the world’s foreign ministries.

EMAIL ADDRESSES of FOREIGN MINISTRIES:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

US Contact Form

Dutch Contact Form


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