Free Political Prisoners, Human Rights, Solidarity with Women

Write for Nasrin. Her Life Hangs in the Balance.

Nasrin Sotoudeh, a well-known, respected, and beloved human rights lawyer, has been held under torture as a political prisoner in Evin Prison, Iran, for the past few months. She has been on several wet and dry hunger strikes, and as of December 12, 2010, her health has taken a severe turn for the worse as a result. There are very real fears that she will not survive her current ordeal.

Please urgently write to your foreign ministry or secretary of state in support of Ms. Sotoudeh – and her family, which includes her small children. A sample letter appears below.

To the Foreign Minister/Secretary of State:

I am writing to you with an urgent request that you issue a demand for the Islamic Republic to immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners in Iran, with a particularly urgent focus on the situation of Nasrin Sotoudeh, who is feared to be very close to death.

Ms. Sotoudeh is a well-known human rights lawyer who has been imprisoned for her work in defending political prisoners and other human rights cases. She has been on hunger strike in Evin prison several times over the past few months, and her situation is now critical. There is very serious concern that she will not survive.

I fully expect your government and the United Nations to take action on this and all other cases of political prisoners in Iran. People of the world do not accept the continued detentions, tortures and executions perpetrated by the Islamic Republic, and we do not tolerate the UN’s refusal to act substantively in these matters.

[your name]

* * *

Please send to the below; a list that is friendlier for sending mails to all of these foreign ministries is below:
When writing to your Foreign Minister or Secretary of State, please send a copy of your mail to the following: (UN – main) (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights) (Secretary General, High Council for Human Rights
Mohammad Javad Larijani) (Head of the Judiciary
Sadeqh Larijani)

Contact information for Foreign Ministries and the US State Department:

CONTACT FORM: US Department of State 

CONTACT FORM: Dutch Foreign Ministry;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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