Human Rights, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Solidarity with Women, UN Commission on Status of Women Declared Illegitimate

Statement of Support from Hon. David Kilgour for December 11 Protest at UN: No to Stoning, No to Anti-Woman Regimes in UN’s Women’s Organizations

Mission Free Iran thanks former Canadian Member of Parliament David Kilgour for his statement of support for the December 11 protest at the UN, to condemn the UN for its silence on atrocities against women, to demand a UN resolution to criminalize stoning, and to demand the expulsion of the Islamic Republic and other anti-woman regimes from the UN’s organizations tasked with working for gender equality:

Mock-Stoning Sit-In Protest
Statement prepared by Hon. David Kilgour
UN Headquarters,
December 11, 2010
12 noon

Dear all,

Heartiest congratulations to you on condemning the silence of any international or national government official on the stoning sentences of Sakineh Ashtiani and others. We are all grateful that the protests around the world now appear to have succeeded in her case. What about other victims of such appalling cruelty? What about trials which abuse the rule of law from start to finish?

It demeans the entire human family when regimes which engage in gender discrimination and use violence against women to implement their policies are appointed or elected to UN bodies tasked with working for women’s equality.

Thank you for demanding that the UN immediately implement a resolution to criminalize stoning worldwide.

Governments and other organizations that stone women to death are committing serious crimes and their agents in doing such acts should face international penal sanctions. The UN and all responsible governments should criminalize the practice of stoning immediately.

No-one anywhere can tolerate silence on stoning, rape, and gender apartheid.

All success to your rally from Canada.

Thank you.

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