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This Morning (Shahla Jahed)

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This morning, Wednesday December 1, 2010, Shahla Jahed was executed. She had spent the past 9 years of her short, sad life in Evin prison and under the threat of being hanged. Shahla was 39 years old this morning.

Shahla was convicted of murder by another one of the Islamic regime’s savage Shari’a courts of injustice, and sentenced to death under barbaric Qesas law! Her case is another example of the criminal nature of the Islamic Republic’s judiciary apparatus.

The first investigator in her case, before losing his position, had officially and openly reported that she couldn’t have committed the crime she was accused of.

Her lawyer had pointed out many serious contradictory elements in her file. He appealed for a review, and stated that each one of the files’ discrepancies were enough to clear her of the charges.

Shahla herself stated on the record that her only confessions were obtained under torture, after they had done whatever they wanted and could have done to her, and under threat of raping a child with whom Shahla had a motherly bond.

Shahla was innocent of the crime she was accused of. Her only “crime” was being a woman at the mercy of the Islamic regime at a time when it needed to murder, especially a woman, and especially a woman of high profile. After all, the headmen of Islam are not satisfied with the social and political results of murdering hundreds upon hundreds of unnamed, paperless Afghan immigrants in the Vakil-Abad slaughter house. This has not been effective in “enhancing” the Islamic regime’s profile as terrifying, cold-blooded killers! They proudly declare that they have murdered 500 Afghan immigrants in the past year, yet not one name has made its way to the media! The victims’ poor families in many cases could not even afford to pay the “noose” price to collect the body of their beloved. This is not helping the regime of terror and murder the way they hoped for!

But Shahla – she was a woman that the Islamic regime could, at this salient moment in time, kill to collect political credibility and boost its ominous reputation: the Islamic Republic, a regime that kills, tortures, imprisons – and “no one can stop it”!

Shahla was killed only because she was “the Woman” they could murder at this juncture in time. The question of Shahla’s innocence did not play a role in their calculations, as Delara’s innocence did not; as Atefeh Rajabi’s innocence did not matter! The world today, the day that these thugs killed Shahla, knows that for the regime of heinous crimes, for the Islamic Republic of noose, rape, torture, Hadd, Qesas, barbaric Shari’a, and medieval “judiciary,” crime or no crime is not the issue. It has never been the issue. This regime, with its constitution, and all of its ancillary institutions, feeds on human blood and torn flesh. This regime can only envision its ideal world beyond the many bodies of women and men hanging from cranes, with masses of mourners in the forefront of the scene!

Shahla was murdered only because, like tens of thousands of others, this gang of murderers could kill her – but make no mistake! These murderers were not alone in this crime, like all other crimes they have committed against the Iranian people and the rest of the humane world. There are many direct and indirect participants in this orgy of terror, blood, stones and hanging lifeless bodies. From those who legitimize the Islamic reign of terror against the women of Iran by elevating this gang of rapists to membership on the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Woman, the United Nations of Cowardly Resolutions of Ten for a Penny, to that dishonourable Nobel laureate who once again shunned our efforts to save Shahla’s life as another “conspiracy of the Islamic regime,” there lies a spectrum of active and passive contributors to this heavy, suffocating blanket of sadness over Tehran tonight.

But this is no longer a victory for the butcher of Gharena, Torkman-Sahra, Sanandaj, Khavaran…. Killing Shahla Jahed is not only another page added to the Islamic regime’s horrendous record of crimes against women, people of Iran, and all humanity. Shahla will be remembered in every protest of the humane world from now to the day that our people, supported by the most honourable people on this earth, put an end to the entirety of the Islamic reign of brutality and terror. The ugly sneers of devilish satisfaction on the faces of the hangmen of Evin, the headmen of Islamic Judiciary, the Supreme murderer, will fade soon. This is not another triumph of terror and barbarity over humanity and justice. This is not a victory for the regime of death and misery. Our sadness in losing Shahla has already given way to rage; our grief to determination; our tearful cries to chants of “Down with the Islamic Republic!”

Killing Shahla was yet another mistake of enormous proportions and the murderers are already paying for this crime.

Each execution will bring our ranks closer together, add to our resolution, our strength to fight and to save the next Shahla, another Delara, Fathieh, Farzad, another Saeed. We will fight harder, more organized, and better equipped to stop the next execution, and each case will bring us closer to that glorious day when gallows burn all across Iran.

Our condolences to all activists for Shahla, whoever and wherever you are.
Our hearts go out to Shahla’s friends and family.

Down with the Islamic Republic.

Join us on December 11: Protest at the UN in NYC: Criminalize Stoning, Expel the Islamic Republic and All Anti-Woman Regimes from the UN’s Women’s Organizations – condemn the UN for allowing this regime of misogyny to determine global-level recommendations on gender equality and women’s empowerment for women worldwide.


4 thoughts on “This Morning (Shahla Jahed)

  1. we will definitely retaliate. SAY NO TO EXECUTION, SAY NO TO iSLAM,,,

    Posted by marshall shokouhi | December 1, 2010, 7:14 pm
  2. shocked…but not only for this woman…
    for all the people who died..
    where are the human rights..
    but we share this, the whole world will see it..
    let she rest in piece..

    Posted by Heleen Jansen | December 1, 2010, 7:34 pm
  3. But… the more we, non-Iranians, shout… the more the Iranian governement become extreme and more violent. We have to be cautious and the only way to win this ‘War of Hatred’ is to expell hatred. If we hate the people who hate, we will bring ourselves and the world to an end.

    We can only hope that the people of Iran will start to show their anger, fear, unhappiness and start a velvet revolution without blood and hatred. Beceause they are the only ones who can start their own freedom.

    This has nothing to do with religion, it’s all about ‘hate’. Let say NO to hate and we will say no to war, crimes, barbaric regimes, executions, etc.

    Posted by Johnny | December 3, 2010, 5:21 am


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