Human Rights, Not One More Execution, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Solidarity with Women, UN Commission on Status of Women Declared Illegitimate

Don’t Touch Shahla Jahed!

AFP/Getty Images

by Ahmad Fatemi
Mission Free Iran

The “judiciary“ apparatus of those men who smell of blood and rotten human flesh, the savages of Islamic Republic, have decided to kill Shahla Jahed. This time they have announced this unholy orgy of barbarity and set a date for it. This disgusting, shameless brotherhood of rapists and murderers says Shahla is to be hanged on Wednesday, December 1st.

We who have fought to abolish execution, we who have run the campaign to save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani from being stoned to death, knew that the Islamic regime would not give up easily. This is not only a battle of life and death for Sakineh, or Shahla. It is, at the same time, in the bigger picture, a battle of life and death for the Islamic regime. We have said on every possible occasion that this regime can only relate to the world, both inside the borders of Iran – the land of Mourning Mothers, the land of unmarked graves – and outside these borders, through violence and terror. We have said that these men of ignorance, men of “stones not too big to kill immediately and not too small to hurt,” men of cranes and noose, men of knives, clubs, chains, blood and pain, have never had any other promise for the women and men of this violated land but mass murder, Kahrizak and the cries of lovers of freedom and humanity emanating from the darkness of the “executive offices” of Evin and Sanandaj and Rajaei-shahr. We have always said that the day we together, all of us, the humane front for freedom, equality, and justice, all of us inside and outside Iran, force these men – men of darkness, murderers of pregnant women, executioners of girls of age 9, this regime of legal paedophilia, this reign of 31 years of everyday terror – to stop the arrests, detentions, imprisonments, and mass killings, that is the glorious day that our people, supported by the whole of humanity, will put an end to their damned, hellish grip over the Iranian people.

They said that they want to kill Shahla on Wednesday, December 1st! They want to kill Shahla, and unlike many other cases before, they have broadcast their ominous plan in detail. We know only too well why they are so open and loud about this despicable act of barbarism.

It has been six months since Mission Free Iran, in collaboration with the International Committees against Execution and Stoning, started the campaign to save Sakineh from being stoned to death or hanged. Six months of defeating the regime of murderers on every battlefront. We, together with all humanitarian organizations, institutions, and individual activists amassed all across the world, not only saved Sakineh from being stoned to death in early June 2010, but have made it practically impossible for the men of allah-o-akbar, stone, blood, broken skulls and devilish smiles to find satisfaction in stoning another woman. This is not a defeat that the masters of Kahrizak, the creators of Khavaran, could digest easily! For 31 years, this criminal gang has laughed at the UN’s worthless resolutions against its human rights abuses, and continued its brutish atrocities with impunity. Yet now, all of a sudden, since the last days of May 2010, while the UN cared less for the human rights of Iranian women and men, had not even said a word against stoning – this unbelievable barbarity – while the UN had even recently, in an unbelievable act of humiliation against Iranian women, promoted this band of misogynist thugs to the influential Commission on Status of Women, another political entity, one with no budget, no headquarters, no executive nor legal powers, enters the arena, brings its many muscles – women of Tbilisi, Washington, Sydney, Tel Aviv, London, Toronto, Ankara – aligns freedom-loving women and men of the whole world in the streets, and dictates its demands to the rulers of the world. “No to Stoning!” was our message, and we made sure that everyone from Hillary Clinton to Khamenei got the message.

Since that first week of our campaign to this day, the thugs of Tehran have obviously been taken by surprise. From Day One, they have demonstrated their total loss of strategic balance, their political staggering, their inadequate propaganda. They have, in each and every response to our campaign, contradicted themselves, lowered their fragile guard, and exposed themselves and their heinous nature even further. Thanks to millions of activists all around the world, in only 6 months, the Islamic regime has gone from claiming regional superiority and sponsoring political Islam’s advances in the Middle East, Europe and North America, to being the most hated and ever-more-isolated political entity under an unprecedented, back-breaking pressure. This pressure is on the rise, it is still gathering momentum, and they know what is coming their way.

The murderous thugs of ayatollah have lost many – every – battle in the past 6 months, and now they feel an urge to save their “reputation”! The regime of 100,000 executions now has nothing to put against our united front against stoning and execution but official declarations that they have killed, are killing. and will continue to kill by the thousands to save their beastly existence. They have officially admitted to executions of hundreds of poor, probably paperless and un-named Afghans in Vakil-Abad! This probably places them ahead of China in the murder competition, and they like it! There is a purpose in this demonic endeavour to assert such an infamous reputation. They want to cover up their defeats. And thus, there is Shahla. They need a substitute for Sakineh, and Shahla’s is the case closest to Sakineh’s. She too is a woman victimized by the regime of “knowledgeable theocrats.” She too was convicted to death in a case full of incredible discrepancies. She too is known by every Iranian. The murderers have chosen to kill her to prove that they can kill! It is a matter of life and death…

But this time too, like every other time in the past 6 months, the ignorant men of the Imam made a mistake, a mistake of strategic proportions. They were defeated in all those fields that we dictated to them, and now they have opened a new front and hope for a bloody, infamous victory in killing Shahla. But this is a lose-lose enterprise for these thugs. These creatures have not understood that the political realities of our world regarding their murderous regime are now divided into two eras: pre- and post- Sakineh Ashtiani. How else could these ignorant men of Shari’a, Hadd and Ghesas, amputated hands and legs, otherwise explain their deepening political isolation over the past 6 months? Don’t they see that between the time of the UN’s shameless appointment of this anti-woman regime to a seat on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Woman in April 2010, and the moment when they were openly ridiculed in their defeat in attaining a seat on the board of UN Women, “Sakineh” has happened? How can they explain Ukraina, Brazil, Sweden, Georgia, Turkey, Canada… and now even their old mate in human rights issues, India? Do they really believe that the world will remain silent if they touch a hair on Shahla’s head?

Do they believe that by strengthening their murderous anti-woman profile, by killing Shahla instead of Sakineh, they have gained a victory? These savages should mark these words: Sakineh was only the first battlefront, and we have only begun our struggle. We know very well that until the day that we, together, put an end to their miserable existence, many might be executed, though we will defend each and every case with all our power. We will defend the unquestionable rights of the Afghans; the juveniles; the gay; the rights of those who have not been paid for their labour in more than a year, stole a loaf of bread three times, and now pay with their lives; the rights of the women of Iran; the right of Shahla Jahed to live. We have made a promise to this regime and we repeat it here and now: Your murderers, from the supreme leader of villains to the bloody hangmen of Evin, are only a resolution, a “stone’s throw” away from the International courts. This is what is coming your way. Don’t touch Shahla Jahed!

Shahla’s case should be reopened immediately. All those discrepancies, all of them, that have been pointed out by Shahla Jahed’s lawyer should be re-examined and answered in an open, public court observed by an independently-appointed international legal team.

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