Free Political Prisoners

Be the voice of a political prisoner

The Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) has organised an eight-month-long campaign that aims to draw international attention to the situation of political prisoners in Iran. This campaign will work to establish a worldwide solidarity with political prisoners and their families. It also aims to pressure the Islamic regime of Iran to free all political prisoners.

There are thousands of political prisoners in Iran whose voices have been silenced by torture and imprisonment. Thousands of men, women, and young girls and boys have been raped and tortured in prison, and no one has ever heard their voices. They have never had the opportunity to tell their stories.
This Campaign aims to amplify the voices of political prisoners in Iran.

YOU can be the voice of a political prisoner.
You can be her voice.
You can be his voice.

You can help raise the voices of all political prisoners in Iran, and help those voices to be heard around the world.
CFPPI have created a postcard for this campaign for the supporters to fill out and send off to CFPPI. Please see “what to do” section below for instruction.

This campaign will continue through June 20, 2011, International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran. On that day, CFFPI will hold events worldwide to showcase the compiled postcards that will be sent to the United Nations.

What to do:

  • Print the post card, fill it out by writing the name of a political prisoner in Iran, if you don’t know any, you can declare that you are the voice of a political prisoner in Iran.

·        Take a few postcards and encourage your friends to complete them with a name or a message and sent them to us. It is very important to gather as many postcards as we can.

·        Hand in, post, or email the post card to CFPPI to the address below.

  • You can also write a name or a message on the postcard, hold it, take a picture of it, and send the picture to us so we can upload it on the campaign’s website.

Address:CFPPI, BM Box 6754, London WC1N 3XX, U.K.



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