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Mark Your Calendar: December 11, 2010 – Mock-Stoning Sit-In Protest at the UN Headquarters, NYC

Date/time: December 11, noon

Place: Staging is at 2nd Ave and 47th St, NYC, NY



Action: Includes mass mock-stoning sit-in in front of UN; see website for full agenda.

1) condemn UN silence on the stoning sentences of Sakineh Ashtiani and others,

2) demand removal of the Islamic Republic and other gender apartheidist regimes, and regimes that use violence against women to achieve their political aims, from UN organizations tasked with working for women’s equality, and

3) demand that the UN implement a resolution to criminalize stoning worldwide.

Women worldwide reject the United Nations and its constituent governments’ practice of allowing gender apartheid governments, and governments that depend on violence against women to remain in power, to sit on internationally-legitimized bodies tasked with developing global policy on gender equality. We do not allow the UN to legitimize governments that rape and that stone women to death.

We call women and men striving for equality and justice to join us in forcing the United Nations and its constituent governments to end their inaction on crimes and violence against women. We start with the demand to criminalize the practice of stoning.

We especially encourage participants from countries where stoning or rape is practiced by the government to join us in front of the United Nations on December 11.

We do not tolerate silence
on stoning, rape, and gender apartheid.

(Facebook event is here)
(Flyer for distribution is here)

Committed to attend:

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