Not One More Execution, Protest Announcements

October 10, 2010: Schedule for Washington DC’s Demonstration on the World Day against the Death Penalty

2:00pm: Maria Rohaly, Mission Free Iran: Welcome and thanks for attendance; brief introduction to the event.

2:05pm: Shirin Nariman, human rights activist: Execution in Iran: Executions in the Past Year and Those Currently on Death Row

2:20pm: Saeed Salehinia, Worker-communist Party of Iran: Will read part of the joint statement of the Campaign to Save Sakineh Ashtiani and will collect signatures on a petition (comprised of the same statement) to the UN and the US Supreme Court.

2:35pm: Open microphone (5 minutes per person)

2:45pm: Maria Rohaly, Mission Free Iran: Execution in the United States and Lessons from the Campaign against Stoning in Iran

3:00pm: Close


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