No IRI at UN

Mission Free Iran’s Statement at the September 23 Protests on the Occasion of the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York City: THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC IS THE MURDERER OF PEOPLE IN IRAN, NOT THE REPRESENTATIVE OF PEOPLE IN IRAN

(note: this statement was read several times during the course of the September 23 protests against the presence of Ahmadnejad as the representative of the Islamic Republic at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City. This statement was read very loudly in front of the hotel where the criminal and mass-murderer Amadinejad was staying -the Hilton Manhattan East. We turned up the volume and fury on the statement when Ahmadinejad and his entourage left the hotel on September 23. By the nervousness with which the security retinue and NYPD started to look at us at one point in the protest, as the barricade of cars that was blocking the street in front of his hotel was being shifted around, we are quite certain that Ahmadinejad was aware of our protest against him).

It has taken the Iranian people almost 32 years to finally convince the world that the story of one of the greatest revolutions of the past century was not exactly what the world has been made to believe.

People across the world were told that Iranian masses, in a magnificent revolution, brought down a brutal monarch to replace it with the Islamic regime.

A regime which by its nature can not fit in the political structure of the modern world, a regime which has ruined a nation, spread terror and hatred, a regime which is the shame of humanity for its barbarity and savagery…

…and people of the world were made to believe that this regime represents the people of Iran. They have been saying “yes it is barbaric, but the Muslim nation of Iran has chosen their Islamic regime, yes it is savage, it is medieval, but it is their own choice, their own will….” And if they felt a bit sympathetic, they said “it is their own burden”!

It has taken the Iranian people 32 years to set the record straight, 32 years of struggle and sacrifice, 32 years of torture, prison, rape, flogging, stoning and blood, 32 years of gallows, and firing squads, 32 years of 150,000 executions, genocide and unmarked mass graves.

They wrote our history; they purged our history; they called the enemy’s bloody victory, our “revolution”; they humiliated our people by recognizing our hangmen and torturers as our representatives… they laughed in our bloodied faces by giving the beast of Evin, the Rapist of Kahrizak, these mass murderers! podium at the General Assembly of the United Nations!

They gave the murderer of Neda and Atefe and Golara and Shirin a seat in the United Nations Commission on Status of Woman; they awarded the murderer of Sayid Soltanpoor, Jahangir Ghale-Miandoab, Tumaj, Sayid Mir-Shekari, Farzad Kamangar, the torturer, the jailer of Osanloo and Madadi and Shahabi a seat in the International Labour Organization; the torturer of Drs Alaei a seat in the World Health Organization….and they said “yes they are savages.”

They say history is written by the victor! This is as true as usually bitter…..It took us 32 years; 32 years of 150000 executions, sacrifice and struggle against one of mankind’s most violent regimes in history…but WE ARE RE-WRITING OUR HISTORY!

They say history is written by the victor! And WE have already defeated the Islamic regime of barbarity in one the most vital battle fields. The world today knows the true history of the past 32 years… The entire world knows today that the Islamic regime is not and has never been the representative of Iranian people!

This is not a regime borne out of Iranian people’s REVOLUTION, this is the counter-revolution, creator of the Iranian history’s darkest chapters; murderer of Iran’s most honourable women and men, murderer of masses, genocidaires!

It took us 32 bloody years, YES! But those inside the General Assembly now find it ever more difficult to go on with their despicable, shameful ignorance towards our people’s will, and the demands of millions upon millions of honourable world citizens.

The Islamic regime does not represent the Iranian people, and it never has. The person standing behind that podium today is murderer, a torturer, a thief… he does not belong there, and the UN’s time to humiliate our people, and to humiliate the humane world, is up. The Islamic regime’s membership in the UN and all its committees is in defiance with our people’s will; is a direct, intentional act of animosity against our people and needs to end. OUR DEMANDS ARE CLEAR, and so are the UN’s duties.

The Islamic Republic must be removed from the UN Commission on the Status of Women! (and then we talked about all the reasons why)
The Islamic Republic must be removed from the ILO… (and then we talked about all the reasons why)
etc., through several of the sub-organizations of the UN.

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