Protest Announcements

September 23: Join the Day of Action in NYC to Demand Freedom in Iran & Stand against the Brutality of the Islamic Republic

Join Mission Free Iran for a day of action in New York City on the occasion of the UN General Assembly meeting, at which the Islamic regime will pretend once again to represent Iranian people!

Look for this banner to find Mission Free Iran in NYC

Unlike the United Nations, we do not believe that the murderers of the Iranian people should be permitted to be the representative of the Iranian people at the UN, or anywhere else.

We therefore have planned a day of action in New York City to raise awareness about the situation facing people in Iran, to loudly condemn Ahmadinejad himself for having the audacity to show his face at the UN General Assembly, and to condemn the United Nations for their reprehensible silence on 31 years of atrocties in Iran.

Agenda for the day:

7:45-8:00am Times Square: rush-hour awareness raising; inviting public to protest

8:20-8:35am: Grand Central Station: rush-hour awareness raising; inviting public to protest

9:00am: Protest at Ahmadinejad’s hotel: Hilton Manhattan East, 304 East 42nd St

12:00noon: break for lunch

12:30: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th Ave and 1st, in front of the UN gates) – protest the UN and Ahmadinejad’s presence there throughout the afternoon.

We hope to see you out there at any or all of these activities!


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