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September 6, 2010: NYC Activists Remind the UN that We Do Not Tolerate Countries that Stone & Lash at the UN General Assembly

It is a pure outrage that the Islamic Republic has again administered 99 lashes to Sakineh Ashtiani’s broken and abused body.

It is an outrage that we do not tolerate in silence.

To protest against this torture of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, to protest the silence of the UN over human rights violations in Iran, and to remind the UN that we do not tolerate countries that stone and lash people to attend the UN General Assembly as if they are a normal government, activists in New York City made the trip to the headquarters of the United Nations and posted signs demanding an end to the abuses of the Islamic Republic in Iran.

We condemn the United States and the United Nations for their reprehensible silence on human rights issues in Iran. The United States should join Brazil, France, Italy, the UK, and all other governments around the world who have broken their silence on the torture, stoning, lashing, and execution that goes on daily in the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic of Stoning, Lashing and Execution should have no place at the UN General Assembly meeting at the end of September in New York City. The Islamic Republic is not the legitimate government of people in Iran. The Islamic Republic is the murderer and torturer of people in Iran.


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