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حمید و هوشنگ را اخراج نکنید

حمید و هوشنگ را اخراج نکنید بیست و ششم سپتامبر 2010 Translation into Farsi: Tour Irani میشن فری ایران عکس از ترجه کاسمو کارلسن در یک رویداد تاسف انگیز دولت نروژ تقاضای پناهندگی دو ایرانی به نامهای حمید قربانی و هوشنگ پارسا را رد کرد. هوشنگ و حمید اخیرا در مصاحبه ای با روزنامه ان … Continue reading

What is a Canadian citizenship worth? For some, not much.

The fates of dual Canadian-Iranian citizens Ziba Kazemi, Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, and Hossein Derakhshan Contemplating her image, I note that the bright spark of Zahra “Ziba” Kazemi’s personality cannot be contained within the frame of any photograph. A photojournalist who refused to be restricted by geographic boundaries, every picture of Ziba is radiant, reflecting a woman … Continue reading

ICAE Press Release #75: The Danger of Execution Is Still Hanging Over Sakineh’s Head

Mohsen Ejaei, spokesperson of the Judiciary power of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announced today, September 27, 2010, that Sakineh was sentenced to stoning as well as execution [for the fabricated murder charge invented by the regime], and that the punishment for murder [execution, most likely by hanging] takes priority over the punishment for adultery … Continue reading

Sept 27, 2010: Sajjad’s Appeal in the Face of Regime’s Ongoing Campaign to Execute His Mother, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

From Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, son of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani To 27 European Countries: Greetings to all officials in Europe and Western countries, Perhaps I am not in a position to write a letter to 27 European and Western countries, but what can I do? I have no other hope but you, dear ones. I have no … Continue reading

Hamid and Hushang STAY!

In a disappointing turn of events, Norway has denied the applications of two Iranian asylum-seekers who affiliate with the Green Movement in Iran, Hamid Gorbani and Hushang Parsa. “We are terrified of being sent back. It is better to die here. In Iran, we will be chased and killed.” Hushang and Hamid, in an interview with … Continue reading