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100 Cities – August 28, 2010: The Whole Community in Tres Pontas, Minas Gerais, Brazil Came to Say NO! to Torture, Execution, and Stoning in Iran! No to Homophobia and No to Sexism!

This beautiful photoset of the town of Tres Pontas, Minas Gerais, Brazil, was submitted by Adelia Maria Batista, who helped to coordinate demonstrations in 5 Brazilian towns and cities! Many, many thanks to Adelia Maria, who shows us all what one loving person can set in motion! And what kind of effect we can have when we all act together!

Father and sons. All generations know what they want: joy and peace in that life! (My daughter beside them)

We had a show in our Central Church park. Brazilian culture, street theater etc.

Here in the central church (our state has one central church park in each town...it is generally the center of all community activity - but doesn't have a religious character anymore)

Young people agree with the protest. NO MORE STONING IN ALL OVER THE WORLD... NO MORE EXECUTIONS!

Boyfriend and girlfriend together protesting at sunset!

Young ones acting! My daughter with Beatles t-shirt - they also were peacemakers!

MEN: they told me, 'This is so inhuman, we Brazilian men are totally against those punishment for human being!!!'

James the Journalist and me: We were taking a picture for one newspaper. All over the world showing the beauty of Sakineh defense!

All tribes together: No more violence, torture and punishment such as stoning and hanging!!

Young Brazilian men, just regular guys: they are against the Sakineh punishment!

Girls from the NGO 'Animal Love'- for protecting our animals - came to support our cause.

Girls from the NGO 'Animal Love': They told me, 'If we defend animals and plants it is our obligation to defend our equals!!!' (Great girls! Thanks)

WOMEN: they told me, 'We didn't know that this type of thing still existed. When we saw it on TV and we saw you involved we thought: Someone must do something to stop that!!!' (Thanks ladies!)

Our popcorn man asked: 'It will be on TV?' I said, 'Only if you hold this picture!' He said, 'Ah! I saw that lady on TV! I can't imagine someone dying in name of Men or God law. If it was my wife, I would prefer that we escape together ...where live those men that kill like that? Is it not close to Brazil ahn?' I said, 'No, it is far away...' He said, 'Ouf! better...' (Thanks Mr.Sebastião, the popcorn man!)


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