Event Reports, Not One More Execution

August 7, 2010: Not One More Execution! Protest in Union Square, New York City, NY

The organizer for the NYC protest, Ally Kins, reports that the Union Square effort went well!

Some highlights:

1. A lot of people knew about Sakineh’s plight.

2. Lots of thank yous were received!

3. The protest effort competed with a Stevie Wonder cover band, a farmer’s market, and some performance art and still got attention!

4. The organizer was kicked out of park towards the end of the protest by the Parks Department but was allowed to continue handing flyers while walking around, just not allowed to sit in one place, and got lots of flyers distributed that way.

5. A man took a flyer, and then 5-10 minutes later, as the organizer was walking around the park, the man found her and told her it was the first flyer he got in Union Square that he agreed with!

6. As the organizer was leaving, someone saw her signs and asked for more information, but all of the flyers had already been handed out. He asked the organizer if he could take the flyer she had glued to the poster – he said he really needed it because he wanted to share with his friends and family.

7. Student filmmakers interviewed the organizer about Sakineh and about stoning and they are definitely going to include that segment in their film project!

Overall, it was a GREAT great day!

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