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August 5, 2010: Not One More Execution – Protest in Berlin Germany

Submitted by Sohela Jandi

We used laptops and a video on stoning in Iran to share the message about stoning and execution in Iran on the evening of August 5 in Berlin.

Using 7 laptops, we quickly shared the video (embedded below) among ourselves. First we stood in front of the French Church in Berlin Mitte (the real middle of the town of Berlin) and then we moved down into the commercial city area.

We meet many people who watched the video and had a lot of questions about the actual situation in Iran. We informed many and then many people asked us: “Can I sign a petition?”

We took the petition from July 24 demonstration against stoning and execution in Iran with us and gave it to them to sign.

It was successful, because information is the first step to understanding, and then to standing up.

Video used in the Berlin protest against execution:

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