Event Reports

August 7, 2010: Not One More Execution: Protest in Sydney Australia

On August 7, 2010, Australian human rights activists presented information about the imminent executions in Iran at the base of a statue in a public square in Sydney.

Organized by Kat Gaffney, the protest effort included presentation of information on posters and dissemination of information by flyers. It also provided concerned people the opportunity to sign a petition. The protesters had planned to stage a mock stoning, but due to the presence of children, the stones and shroud were kept on display rather than used theatrically.

The protest drew the attention of journalists; a reporter stayed on-site for about an hour to cover the event. There was so much interest from the public that the organizer ran out of flyers and ended up having to pull the last ones off of the plinth of the statue to give to concerned citizens.

(Additional photos)

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