Not One More Execution

AGENDA for WASHINGTON DC August 5 Protest Against A New Round of Executions in Iran & in Support of Kazemi, Ashtiani, Jalalian and Others at Imminent Risk of Execution

This is the agenda that has been set for the Washington DC August 5 protest against a new round of executions in Iran.

6:00: organizers arrive

6:30-7:00: start with chants while some people are assigned to hand out flyers and talk to passers-by

7:00-7:02: Welcome & brief overview of the agenda (name the scheduled speakers, note that there will be an open microphone, maximum 5 minutes per speaker)

7:05-7:15: Shirin Nariman, Iranian human rights activist and former political prisoner

7:15-7:25: Pasha Borjkhani, speaking about his Uncle Jafar Kazemi

7:25-7:35: Joanne Michele Stocker, American human rights activist

7:35-7:45: Kianoosh Sanjari, Iranian human rights activist and former political prisoner

7:45-8:00: open microphone: for those who want to address the group, people are given a maximum of 5 minutes per person to express themselves; if there is significant interest, the open microphone period can extend until 8:15.

8:00-8:05: Maria Rohaly, American human rights activist (closing statement)

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