Not One More Execution, Protest Announcements

Slogans and Chants for International Demonstrations Against Execution and Torture in Iran, August 5-8, 2010

Suggested slogans (to put on your signs/banners) for August 5-8 demos fall into three categories: fundamental demands, demands targeted to the UN, and demands targeted to national governments.

1) Fundamental demands, e.g.:
“No to Torture and Execution in Iran!”
“No to Stoning in Iran!”
“Free Political Prisoners in Iran!”
“Freedom for Jafar Kazemi!” (or Zeinab Jalalian, or Ali Saremi… etc.)

2) Demands targeted to the UN, e.g.:
“UN: Put the Islamic Republic Criminals on Trial!” (or similar)
“Islamic Republic OUT! of the UN Commission on the Status of Women!”
“Islamic Republic OUT! of ILO!”

3) Demands targeted to national governments:
– Closure of embassies, e.g.,
— “No Place in My Country for Regime of 100000 executions – Close the Islamic Republic’s Embassy!”
— “No Place in My Country for Regime of Stoning – Close the Islamic Republic’s Embassy!”
— “No Place in My Country for Regime of Rape – Close the Islamic Republic’s Embassy!”
— “No Place in My Country for Regime of Torture – Close the Islamic Republic’s Embassy!”

– Stop legitimizing the regime, e.g.,
— OBAMA! Stop Extending Your Hand to Mass Murderers!” ( People can make the same message relevant to their own country’s situation.)

Chants: These are very generic; please come up with additional, more creative ones that are tailored to the event. Most of these are in English.

No more bloodshed…(crowd echoes)… No more dictator…(crowd echoes)

1, 2, 3, 4, dictator out the door! 5, 6, 7, 8, no more killing! no more rape!

What do we want? Freedom! When do we want it? Now!

Stop the killing, stop the violence! People’s voices won’t be silenced!

The people, united, will never be defeated!

Freedom for Iran! (crowd echoes)… Human rights for Iran! (crowd echoes)…

United Nations, what are you for? You’ve welcomed butchers at your front door!

Stop the torture! Stop the lies! No one else, needs to die!

Together we stand, together we fight! We demand human rights!

Zendaniyeh siasi, azad bayad gardad. (Political prisoners must be free)

Iranian women! Lead the way! ….(crowd echoes) Civil rights are here to stay!….(crowd echoes)

Khamenei ghatele… hokomatesh bayad bere!

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