Not One More Execution

The Islamic Regime of Iran’s Lifelines –Stoning, Execution and Rape – Must Be Stripped!

Since the “Save Sakineh” campaign started, the past few weeks could without any doubt be called a milestone for a new era in Iranian peoples’ struggle for freedom and equality, for a humane society.

After 31 years of hanging and stoning and raping, the whole world has embraced our people and joined our struggle against the 21st century’s most barbaric regime. It is not WE the Iranian people against them, a “UN member state,” a “legitimate government” any more; it is WE, the whole of humanity – the whole world – against a gang of murderers and rapists who are now incapable of hiding their true, ugly murderous faces any more.

We the people have created a united front against the savagery of a regime which has for 31 years had only one way to survive: killing people and spreading terror. Together, WE have seriously limited the killing capability of these murderers and have politically singled them out. We have, in less than 4 weeks’ time, through organizing and unifying our forces, pushed governments, national political bodies, and the mass media to take a position, to condemn the Islamic regime.

If you do not believe in your power, remember that these are the same governments that officially handed a chair on the UN Commission on the Status of Women to the Islamic regime of gender apartheid only a few months ago! These are the same mass media that knowingly ignored genocide and the mass murders of the ‘80s. These are the same internationally legitimate bodies who neglected their obligations in the face of one of the most horrendous crimes in post-World War II history! WE have made them speak out!

We have said that Sakineh’s case is only one case among thousands.

There are thousands of political prisoners under the most barbaric circumstances, many sentenced to death only for opposing savagery and barbarity.

There are worker activists with shattered bones and ribs, many of them in imminent danger of dying or, as in Mansour Osanloo’s case, of being intentionally killed in his cell.

There are tens of homosexuals to be executed because of their sexuality.

There are tens of Baha´ais to be executed for their belief.

The Islamic regime cannot survive without rape, torture and murder.

But we will put an end to these atrocities. And by doing that, we will free the hands of our freedom-loving sisters and brothers, workers, students, teachers, nurses, and lawyers to take to the streets again, organize themselves, and finish the job they started: to topple this gang of savages!

Yes: WE have done a great job so far, but our people’s enemy, the enemy of humanity, honour, justice, freedom, and equality, as the whole world now knows, has only one way of remaining in power: by killing, by resuming group executions of our people. This is exactly what these murderers are preparing to do now! While the dilemma of whether to continue with the stoning of Sakineh or change her verdict has become a political nightmare for the Islamic regime, a number of political prisoners, among them Mr. Jafar Kazemi, have been quietly moved to execution facilities.

The world can not accept this. We call upon the humane world to speak out!

We want our national governments to call in the Islamic murderers’ diplomatic representatives to make it clear that our people will not tolerate stoning, hanging, raping, cutting hands and legs, pulling out eyes, setting women ablaze.

For each execution, we move to close one of the Islamic regime’s “embassies”! For each woman stoned, the doors to the Islamic regimes’ embassies will be blocked by stones.

The Islamic regime is not a legitimate government, nor is its barbaric judicial system. All sentences passed by this system are illegitimate.

While we continue our campaign to free Sakineh and protect our courageous lawyers like Mr. Mostafaei, we call upon people around the world to join us to stop these executions and murders all together.


Ahmad Fatemi
Mission Free Iran

Call for Global Protest Against Execution of Kazemi and Others: August 5, 2010


4 thoughts on “The Islamic Regime of Iran’s Lifelines –Stoning, Execution and Rape – Must Be Stripped!

  1. To idiot for words…
    Freedom, freedom, no stoning, no executions, the world is looking for.

    Posted by Heleen Jansen/Netherlands. | August 3, 2010, 8:06 am
  2. Iranian Queer Organization Request Annulling of Execution Order for Ebrahim Hamidi

    Posted by uli | August 3, 2010, 8:17 am

    Posted by SOHEILA | August 6, 2010, 7:38 pm


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