Not One More Execution, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Solidarity with Women

احساس کمبود مادر داريم. ما ميخواهيم مادرمان به خانه Interview with Sakineh’s son, Sajjad

We need our mother – we want her back home!
(originally published by the International Committee Against Executions)

Interviewer: How old are you?
Sajjad: 22 years

Interviewer: How old were you when your mother was convicted to be stoned?
Sajjad: I was 18 years old when we heard this news. My mother was first was arrested in Osku and was taken before the court there

Interviewer: What was the verdict?
Sajjad: The first verdict was 99 lashes.

Interviewer: Was it a public trial?
Sajjad: No.

Interviewer: Did they administer the lashing verdict in public?
Sajjad: No, they did it right away in the court, in front of the Prosecutor.

Interviewer: Do you mean that in the same session, people came in with whips and…
Sajjad: In a room in the court, one of the agents came in and started lashing my mother

Interviewer: Was your sister there too?
Sajjad: No, it was only me. My sister was too little then.

Interviewer: How do you feel now?
Sajjad: I long for my mother. I wish that my mother would come home and live with us. Farideh is very sad and wants our mother. I hope my mother can get out of this mess and be freed.

Interviewer: Are you living with your grandmother or your extended family?
Sajjad: No, we live on our own in the house.

Interviewer: What does Farideh do?
Sajjad: She goes to school. She is in her last year of high school, and I work and earn our living.

Interviewer: Are you upset with your mother? Do you have any disappointment about her?
Sajjad: No. Our mother is innocent. This has been proven to everybody. She was condemned to lashes in Osku court first, and then two months after they had even punished, they sent her file to a higher court. In the #6 Branch of Tabriz Court, the file was reviewed, and our mother was condemned to stoning. This verdict was sent to Tehran and even there it was upheld by a higher court.

Interviewer: When you go to see your mother, what does she say and what does she want from you?
Sajjad: …My mother only cries and begs me to take her from this place.

[end interview]

Disseminated by the International Committee Against Stoning

صحبتي کوتاه با سجاد در مورد مادرش سکينه محمدي آشتياني

س: : چند سالته؟
ج: ۲۲ سال دارم.

س: چند سالت بود که مادرت به سنگسار محکوم شد؟
ج: ۱۸ ساله بودم که اين خبر راشنيدم. اول مادر من در شهرستان اسکو دستگير شد و در همانجا محاکمه شد .

س: خوب اول چه حکمي دادند؟
ج: حکم اول اين بود که ۹۹ ضربه شلاق ميزنند .

س: جلسه دادگاه علني بود؟
ج: نه

س: شلاق را در ملا عام زدند٬ بقيه هم تماشا ميکردند؟
ج : نه . در خود دادگاه و در حضور دادستان شلاق زدند.

س: يعني در همان محل جلسه دادگاه ٬ تعدادي با شلاق وارد شدند و .. ؟
ج: در يک اطاقي در دادستاني يک مامور آمد و با شلاق شروع کرد به زدن مادر من…

س: خواهرت هم آنجا بود؟
ج: نه فقط من بودم خواهرم آنزمان خيلي کوچک بود .

س: الان چه احساسي داري؟
ج: احساس کمبود مادرم را دارم. آرزوي اينکه روزي مادرمان به خانه بيايد وما باهم زندگي کنيم. فريده خيلي ناراحت است و دلتنگي مادرمان را ميکند. اميدوارم هر چه زودتر مادرم از اين اوضاع خلاص شود و از زندان آزاد شود.

س: شما پيش مادربزرگتان و يا فاميل هستيد؟
ج: نه . ما در خانه خودمان هستيم.

س. فريده چکار ميکند؟
ج : درس ميحواند. کلاس سوم راهنمايي است. و من کار ميکنم و خرج خودمان را در ميارم.

س: شما از مادرتان دلخور نيستيد٬ ناراحتي ازا او نداري؟
ج: نه . مادر ما بي تقصيره. اين براي همه اثبات شده . مادر من اول در دادگاه اسکو به شلاق محکوم شد و دو ماه بعد از اينکه شلاق هم به او زدند٬ پرونده را به دادگاه بالاتر فرستادند. در دادگاه شعبه ششم تبريز بررسي شد و مادر ما به سنگسار محکوم شد . اين حکم براي تهران فرستاده شد و آنجا هم حکم سنگسار مادر ما از سوي دادگاه عالي تر تائيد شد.

س: وقتي به ديدن مادرت ميروي ٬ مادرت چه ميگويد و از تو چه ميخواهد؟
جواب: مادرم فقط گريه ميکنه و ميگه منو از اينجا ببر بيرون …

باز تکثير از : کميته بين المللي عليه سنگسار



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