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WPI Ensures Demands of Iranian Workers Are Heard at the Annual Meeting of the ILO

For the 5th year in a row, the Worker-communist Party of Iran has ensured that the demands of Iranian workers are heard loud and clear at the annual meeting of the International Labor Organization (ILO), specifically that the Islamic regime be expelled from the ILO.

The anticipation of this years’ action at the ILO meeting was heightened due to the ongoing post-election uprising that continues to ferment in Iran, with its most recent expression appearing as Kurdistan’s province-wide general strike on May 13 2010, as a response to the May 9 executions of political prisoners Farzad Kamagar, Shirin Alam-Hooli, Ali Heydarian, Mehdi Eslamian and Farhad Vakili.

Despite unprecendented levels of security this year designed to prevent the protest, the activists nevertheless made a very effective showing, silently holding up posters of Farzad Kamangar, who was a teachers’ unionist and one of those executed by the Islamic regime on May 9 2010.

In this video clip, the applause and support for the demonstration on behalf of Iranian workers is loud and clear.

Mission Free Iran joins with all those at the ILO meeting on June 2 who stood up and applauded wholeheartedly for the human rights activists who demanded that the voices of Iranian workers be heard, and then ensured the fact. Bravo.

Please continue to write to the ILO to demand that the Islamic regime be expelled, and replaced by actual representatives of Iranian workers:

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