Not One More Execution, Solidarity with Workers

Letter of Support for Protests of Families of the Executed, People of Kurdistan and All Those Who Resent These Executions

We are going to witness the same decisive role that oil workers played in the last revolution to topple the tyranny. This is going to happen again.
(Photo source: Mostafa Saber)

In this letter, three of Iran’s most active independent worker organizations represent the zealousness of Iran’s women and men workers in their show of support: Temporary Council of Workers of Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Economic Region, Vahed Company Syndicate, and the Committee for Creating Worker’s Organizations.

(scroll down for Farsi)

Honourable and freedom loving People, Workers!

In the dawn of Sunday May the 9th of 2010, five political prisoners, Shirin Alam Hooli, Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heidarian, Farhad Vakili, and Mehdi Islamian were executed. We condemn the execution of these dear ones together with the workers of Vahed Company Syndicate, the Committee for Creating Worker’s Organizations, and all freedom loving people. They were imprisoned and executed for their struggle for freedom, equality and humanity. We sincerely express our condolences to their families, to all freedom-loving humans, and to all the people of Iran. Farzad Kamangar’s letters were the voice of humanity and freedom and we support these voices with our protest.

We support the protests of the families of the executed and people of Kurdistan and all those who resent these executions. We insist once again that all the political prisoners must be set free. Mansour Ossanlou, Ibrahim Madadi, Alireza Ghanbari and all the teachers who are in prison, as well as the imprisoned students: each and every one must be free. We demand that the summoning of worker activists and political activists to court must stop. Those arrested on May 1st should be set free . We demand that execution as punishment must be nullified. Humane life is our absolute right.

Families of executed,
We mourn with the sorrow of losing these loved ones. Count us on your side; we share your grief.
Long live Freedom
Long live Humanity

Temporary Council of Workers of Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Economic Region

Translation: Maryam Gowhari



مردم شریف و آزاده ، کارگران !

درسحرگاه روز یک شنبه 19 اردیبهشت 1389، پنج زندانی سیاسی به نام های شیرین علم هولی، فرزاد کمانگر، علی حیدریان، فرهاد وکیلی و مهدی اسلامیان را اعدام کردند. ما نيز مانند همكارانمان ، كارگران سنديكاي شرکت واحد، كميته هماهنگي براي ايجاد تشكل های كارگري و همه انسانهاي آزاديخواه ، اعدام اين عزيزان را محكوم ميكنيم. اين ها بخاطر مبارزاتشان براي آزادي و برابري و انسانيت زندانی و اعدام شدند. ما صميمانه به خانواده آنها و به همه انسانهاي آزاديخواه و همه مردم ايران تسليت ميگوييم. نامه هاي فرزاد كمانگر از زندان، صداي انسانيت و آزاديخواهي بود، ما با اعتراضمان به اين اعدام ها اين صدا را ارج ميگذاريم.

ما خود را در اعتراضات خانواده هاي اعدام شدگان و مردم كردستان و همه كسانيكه به اين اعدام ها معترضند ، شريك ميدانيم و همراهيم . ما بار ديگر تاكيد ميكنيم كه همه زندانيان سياسي بايد آزاد شوند. منصور اسانلو. ابراهيم مددي ، عليرضا قنبري و همه معلماني كه در بندند و همه دانشجويان زندانی ، همه و همه ، بايد آزاد شوند. ما میخواهیم احضار فعالين كارگري و فعالين سياسي به دادگاهها اکیدا متوقف شود. دستگير شدگان اول مه بايد آزاد شوند. ما خواهان لغو مجازات اعدام هستيم. زندگي انساني حق مسلم ماست.

خانواده های اعدام شدگان ،

ما هم ، در غم از دست دادن این عزیزان داغداریم ، ما را در کنار خودتان بدانید و در غمتان شریک .

زنده باد آزادی

زنده باد انسانیت

شورای موقت کارگران منطقه ویژه اقتصادی پتروشیمی ماهشهر



4 thoughts on “Letter of Support for Protests of Families of the Executed, People of Kurdistan and All Those Who Resent These Executions

  1. The auther needs to reconsider the writings under that picture, in 1979 people didn’t overthrow “tyranny”, they overthrew what Khomeini considered as “un-Islamic” and now the idiots have their Islam and us 3 generations after still suffering the tyranny of Islam.
    Of course, if you were a terrorist, criminal or jihadist extremist back during the Shah, you’d consider that tryranny, but no ordinary Iranian ever considered that tyrranny.

    I do agree that oil strike is the most effective action and necessary to bring down the IR if all or at leaast the majority of oil workers take part

    Oil workers strike would be the most effective strike, but will not be as easy as the one before the 79 revolution.
    Iran was a country with 0% unemployment unmatched to any place in the world at that time, income level was 1/2 of the American income, cost of living 1/20th of the Americans, inflation rate at 0%, double digit growth, 1000’s of Americans & other foreigners worked in Iran to fill the shortage of employees, the earning monthly of an average Iranian worker was enought to pay for 6 months of expense, a 4 months strile would’ve meant a 4 month vacation with no stress or worry for the workers.

    Now the unemployment rate over 35%, income 1/10th of pre-79, inflation double digit, cost of living 3X, there is just enough earning to keep the workers alive, no savings, so many people out of work that some 1 will fill the positions right away.

    Now if we are talking about key positions in the oil industry, they’re mostly filled by the IRG members or their relatives, the ones loyal to IR.

    People of Iran can not overthrow the IR on their own, Shah couldn’t be overthrown w/o the help of the British, CIA and the USSR either.

    US shoul impose heavy sanctions on any company that has investment in Iran’s oil sector, sells oil exploration & production supplies or is engaged in related contracts. Will be costly and tough, but the only solution if we don’t want to face another military conflict in near future.

    Posted by cyrus | May 15, 2010, 3:48 am
    • to Cyrus:
      The fact that what was the outcome of 1979 revolution in terms of the following 3 decades doesn’t change the truth about what was the reality of Iran before the revolution. You probably CONVENIENTLY forget what was happening in the shah’s Evin: the same torture and executions that happen today in today’s dictators’ prisons.
      0% unemployment under shah’s corrupted system is a BIG LIE! So is all what you say about what was the standard of life for the workers!
      If it was not for Pahlavi’s atrocities nobody could get them pour into the streets in million masses…
      Don’t insult people’s intelligence – many heroes prosecuted by today’s dictators were imprisoned and tortured by shah’s SAVAK too…

      Posted by mehrzad | May 15, 2010, 4:55 pm
  2. I totally agree with Mehrzad. The truth is that Khomeini finished off what the Shah’s regime proved incapable of, i.e. suppressing the revolution. Our dear Cyrus reads our history the way he likes. How could Cyrus praise student’s protest on Azar 19th and not know when and why this glorious movement started(just one example of a million).

    Posted by Ahmad Fatemi | May 16, 2010, 7:41 pm
  3. By the way, can Cyrus do some research as to where about of Sayid Soltanpoor,one of brightest stars of Iranian proletariat poesy and art before he was executed by this regime…but I sincerely hope that he already knows. Not knowing that is worse than knowing and defending what these two regimes have done to our people.
    Then, I apologize for the wrong date, I meant Azar 16th.

    Posted by Ahmad Fatemi | May 16, 2010, 7:51 pm

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