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Call for Global Solidarity with Kurdistan on the Occasion of Its Strike Against the Tyranny and Oppression of the Islamic Regime

Mission Free Iran declares its solidarity with the people of Kurdistan and wishes them the greatest success in their strike tomorrow as they protest against the execution of the five beloved whose precious lives were stolen fom us all four days ago.

We concur with the statement below, which declares that the general strike in Kurdistan deserves the warmest welcome from all humanity in Iran and the whole world, and as such we call concerned and caring people and organizations worldwide, regardless of nationality, to stand in solidarity with Kurdistan tomorrow, May 13 2010.

Show your solidarity with Kurdistan publicly, through a statement of solidarity or a poem, through artistic expression, through protest or strike. Send us your act of solidarity in words, images or video, and we will post them or link to them from our site.

The world stands with you tomorrow, Kurdistan.

Call for General Strike in Kurdistan:
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Call to Iranian people to support public strike in Kurdistan!

This Thursday (May 13th 2010), people in Kurdistan have decided to go for a general strike. This strike is a response to criminal act of execution of 5 political activists (Farzad Kamangar, Shirin Alam Holi, Mehdi Eslamian, Farhad Vakili and Ali Heydarian) and to preempt further public executions by Islamic regime in Iran.

This strike will be a drastic measure to connect the people’s movement in Kurdistan to the national movement in Iran.

It deserves the warmest support from all Iranians!

Workers, Students, Teachers, Women and Youth!

This strike belongs to all of us! We need to participate in it and help it to succeed. The successful strike in Kurdistan will pave the way for a successful national strike! It will facilitate a united movement for freedom. A successful strike in Kurdistan will raise the spirit of our people to end this regime!
Support this strike! Distribute the news about this strike in your sites, weblogs and anywhere you can! Get together in universities on May 13th and organize demonstrations in memory of these victims of criminal regime!

The general strike in Kurdistan deserves the warmest welcome from all humanity in Iran and the whole world!

Long live the united people’s movement!
Long live a humanistic revolution for a humanistic state!

Workers Communist Party-Iran
May 11th 2010

Translation of WPI statement: Saeed Salehinia


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