Critique, Revolution

In Tehran and New York, Ahmadinejad is not welcome

by Mehran Mahbobi
Ahmadinejad is not welcome in two places: one in New York by its mayor, and in Tehran University, by students who chanted to him, “Get out of Our University!” As soon as students found out that he was coming to the university without any notice for May Day, they started to gather where he was supposed to be and began chanting, “Down with murderers!” “Get out of our university!” – they did not let him publicly show himself.

Surely you heard also how courageously the New York Mayor presented his dislike of Ahmadinejad presence in New York and asked him to be banned from arriving in the city of New York. Lets do the same in New York and do not let these vicious murderers and rapists be present in New York so they can easily come to CNN and TV and make interviews.

It is a shame on humanity to let such a murderer come and talk freely on public television and not be jailed for his crimes. That legitimizes his murder of Iranian people; and in the future, as with the Taleban and Osama bin Ladin, we shall see more vicious acts by him and his terrorist government anywhere possible. By letting him get in the public eye, our world will be closer to disaster and all sort of war games.


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