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UPDATED April 17: NO DEPORTATION TO IRAN, REGARDLESS OF PARTY: Stand Against UK’s Deportation of Bita Ghaedi

by Maria Rohaly We at Mission Free Iran have campaigned hard over the past few weeks for Jamal Saberi’s freedom and for his legal status as a refugee to be declared. Because of his activism for human rights and against the Islamic regime, and because his party (Worker-communist Party of Iran) is a vocal opponent … Continue reading

MFI’s Next Japanese Embassy Protest for Jamal Saberi & All Refugees is Sunday May 9 at 1pm

Unity for a humane world

Unity for a humane world by Ahmad Fatemi Jamal Saberi is not a unique refugee. There are millions like Jamal all around the world, from South Africa to Iran and from sub-Saharan Africa to Canada. Jamal is not the first victim of this inhumane system of governance which rulers of the world have imposed on … Continue reading

MFI Press Release: Japan Under Increasing Pressure Regarding Saberi Case as Citizens Stage 6th Embassy Protest Since March

Since the June 2009 elections, the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to detain, torture and execute dissidents at home, while seeking international assistance in capturing and silencing anti-regime activists living abroad. At a time when the Islamic regime is brutally repressing peaceful protesters, journalists, students, and human rights activists within its borders, Japan is supporting … Continue reading

JAPAN! The Islamic Republic eclipses your shamed sun. Free Jalal Amanzadeh Nouei.

Animation and eclipse concept courtesy of @Shariatmadari

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