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To: Rafigh Zãhed who stood tall in front of the firing squad

To those in 20 years wandering around the unmarked graveyards of Xãvarãn, Behesht e Z….. In memory of the fallen flowers of Iran. To:Rafigh Zãhed who stood tall in front of the firing squad. They thought… Thick,cold concrete covers the crime! They thought… Hide the hero at night; daylight may never come! They thought… ONE … Continue reading

April 20, 2010: Event report: Hands off Bita! MFI British Embassy Protests

Photo taken April 20, 2010, nearby the British Embassy on Embassy Row. We protested for Bita all the way back to the car, where we remembered that we forgot to get photos of the event. So I got to hold one sign and the bushes held a few too. :) On April 20, 2010, it … Continue reading


THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAS DECIDE TO HAND IRANIAN FEMALE DISSIDENT BITA GHAEDI OVER TO THE ISLAMIC EXECUTIONERS. WE PROTEST. London, England: Heathrow Airport, 3pm, outside Terminal 3 Washington DC, USA: British Embassy, 3100 Massachusetts Ave NW, 11:30am (see backlog for more info on the situation of Bita Ghaedi)


by Ahmad Fatemi DON’T THEY KNOW? It is inhumane to deport some one who for what ever reason, political, ideological or social has chosen to leave the country of origin to seek refuge in a different country. It is not only inhumane, but a crime against humanity to deport an asylum seeker back to the … Continue reading

MFI Press Release: Mission Free Iran Denounces UK’s Illegal Effort to Deport Political Activist and Victim of Gender-Based Violence Bita Ghaedi to Iran

Since the June 2009 elections, the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to detain, torture and execute dissidents at home, while seeking international assistance in capturing and silencing anti-regime activists living abroad. At a time when the Islamic regime is brutally repressing peaceful protesters, journalists, students, and human rights activists within its borders, England is supporting … Continue reading

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