Not One More Execution, Revolution

To: Rafigh Zãhed who stood tall in front of the firing squad

plot 109

To those in 20 years wandering around the
unmarked graveyards of Xãvarãn, Behesht e Z…..

In memory of the fallen flowers of Iran.

To:Rafigh Zãhed who stood tall in front of the firing squad.

They thought…
concrete covers the crime!

They thought…
Hide the hero at night;
daylight may never come!

They thought…
ONE grave for a 1000
is one grave, no more!

Or wash many bloods off hands,
say…what blood?…….
All is rumble,rumour!

No flowers
on beloved grave,
love is forgotten, is gone!

No name on the graves?…..
Graves of in 1000 years unforgotten, all known?

They thought…

of the night silences the dawn… uproar of the day!

Or sorrow
won’t reach out for pondering rage, now vanishing dismay!


by Ahmad Fatemi
April 19, 2010


(image: plot/section 109 of Behesht-e Zahra: mass grave of political prisoners)


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